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Fishing In Iceland

08 August 2017 - 07:13 AM

Good Morning,


My Girlfriend and I have planned a trip to Iceland for the end of September and I am just wondering if anyone from here has any experience with this trip in the past?


I will be there for 7 days and will bring my minimum fishing gear and stopping where ever I can along our trek across the nation.


Ideally, Id like to catch an Artic Char but I dont know how common or easy they are to catch. I also would like to target brown trout and any other species found in the Rivers. My road trip will be along the entire south coast so we can plan stops accordingly.


I am hoping to find out what are essential things I should bring, fishing wise, what is required from peoples past experiences and any tips or insight would be gladly appreciated. :)


I am not against hiring a guide but if anyone has been to Iceland before, they know just how expensive this place can get so I would try to do it without.


Hope to hear from you!

Carp Fishing - Open Invitation and Chat

03 May 2017 - 12:11 PM

Planning on dusting off my carp gear and going to a few local spots!


Just wondering if any other members carp fish and where they find they have the best luck "early season".


For obvious reasons I don't want to list any places but send me a message and maybe we can set something up!


"Tight lines!"

Tips on reading rivers - Steelhead Fishing

29 March 2017 - 09:22 AM

Hello OFF!


The main reason for my post is seeing some of the other posts and comments made on his forum have me wondering if what I do a the river is in the best interest for preservation (I always catch and release at the river and I only use Roe as a last resort when fishing.


I also want to mention that this year has been one of my "worst" for fishing in the rivers. - I have made quite a few attempts but just cant see to catch anything this year! I realize part of this may be the water body I fish, but I see other guys landing fish in spots I was fishing for almost an hour before them. - maybe I am cursed!


Just wondering if anyone has any reading or video material on how to better read water conditions, rigging weights for certain water conditions and ultimately locate (and successfully land) Steelhead.


I also wouldn't be against walking and fishing a river with a "guide" either if someone is willing to do that!



(Side note: I am not new to fishing, just fishing in rivers for steel head. I do own all my own gear - waders, center pin and I just got a fly setup I will be learning to use this spring.)



Feel free to respond here with any of your sources for knowledge, "tips or tricks" or send a PM me if you want!