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Pinned  Ontario Fishing Forums

Mar 25 2013 12:39 PM | pwadm in Ontario Fishing

Welcome to Ontario Fishing Forums - the ultimate resource for all Ontario anglers.

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Cook's Bay Ice Fishing. Jumbo Perch caught by an OFF member.

Whether you are visiting or call Ontario home, you will find our forum a great, and friendly place to
discuss anything related to fishing.
Join to share fishing techniques, pictures, discuss products or talk with other members on our live chat.
Our priority is to foster friendships, share, enjoy, and preserve the value of the resource for future

We welcome all who wish to participate. Join Now!

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Mar 20 2016 11:49 AM | testmod in From the forum

Hopefully everyone is making the most of the warm “winter” we have had so far and have been able to find some open water to make some drifts. If not, no stress, the spring is right around the corner!

Those of you who know us at Fishheads Canada know we are big on Catch and Release. With the success of our Fall Release Shot Photo Contest, we figured we would launch it again this spring, bigger and better than before!!!

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