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Float-fishing: 10 tips for catching more steelhead

May 09 2015 11:48 PM | rick james in From the forum

Hey guys, I'm by no means the best trout angler but I've been around the rivers for over 25 years and I guess I've learnt a thing or two along the way. I've noticed there's a few newbies on the forum requesting tips and in the spirit of goodwill I tho...

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CRAA Volunteer Events for Spring 2013

Apr 13 2013 11:05 AM | John from CRAA in From the forum

April 1 to April 26th – Norval fish lift and adult steelhead transfer (this is ongoing now) April 21 – Glen Williams Tree Planting (Hancock Farm and Nursery work – 10th Line and Old School Road) (9 AM start) http://maps.google.c...sp=0&sz=16&...

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Fishing Whitefish In Thick Fog!

General Fishing Discussion Today, 06:43 PM
Well the fog may have made it difficult to find the spot, it was worth the grind because the fishing was on fire! I don't think a lot of anglers target whitties in the summer, but man are they fun to catch! Using a 7g Vibrato jig and light tackle makes for great fights from deep down! Also seeing...
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Upper Humber River

General Fishing Discussion Today, 02:35 PM
Hi guys, been a member of a couple other fishing forums, but since I have started to get into fly fishing  this year I have found quite a bit of helpful stuff on this site, so thought i'd join.  I have a question about the Upper Humber River, specifically anything from the Palgrave Dam...
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Streamside jig painting

Fishing Gear Talk and DIY Corner Yesterday, 02:11 PM
Hey folks,    I've been doing quite a bit of jigging this summer, and as result I've went though quite a few jigs in the process.   The jigs that I manage not to lose get all chipped and whatnot as I'm sure you all know. What would be a good product to use to re-paint these jigs st...
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Spanish area / hwy 17

General Fishing Discussion Yesterday, 12:51 PM
Heading out west on 17 soon to Spanish. I havent planned as far as Algoma mils or south to the island. Any good fishing places there for pike, pikarel and samon...? I'm gonna try some tribs to check out the fall run, please let me know. PM. thx
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Hi I'm not new here...

Welcome! 18 Sep 2017
But hopefully returning to do some fishing after a heart attack, followed by a long illness. Hope I can still hold a rod ... lol
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