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Proper Fish Handling + Photography

With the pending warmer weather and the trout opener I expect we will see a spate of wonderful fishing reports--sharing with members and guests alike the results (and perhaps, the techniques and methods) of our pursuit of Mykiss . Of course our excitement and jubilation of having sparred with nature and come out as victor (sometimes) also involves the sharing of photos of this august fish. And it is precisely this aspect of our reports that is of some concern--there is a reason why we oftentimes call Mykiss the "August Fish." Whether the nobility of salar, the painterly markings of the brook trout, or, indeed the bright chrome, small headed, thick-bodied torpedo that tests our terminal tackle, these fish are "stately" and should be respected and treated as such.

Of course I am admittedly (as many others here) a conservationist without apology and do not expect everyone to necessarily subscribe to my brand of "sustainability." I do however take very seriously the manner in which we handle and treat fish...in particular the oblivious disregard for the general well-being of these fish for the sake of a photograph. (SEE Part I: the Ministry Guideline to Proper Fish Handling.)

Please know that we love a good story and one with pictures even more, however please ensure that fish are ALWAYS photographed in the water or very near to it so as to mitigate stress to the fish.

This represents only THIS anglers' opinion and not board policy...I should prefer not to see pictures of beached fish...


good hunting
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Does anyone have a recommendation for an app or something to edit the background of pictures without just whiting out the background?  


I had one of the best fishing days of my life with a few nice pike and a beauty late spawn rainbow on the weekend but I can't share pics with anyone because theyres some very recognizable landmarks in the background 

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I love my DJI Phantom 4 with 4k ... it produce's amazing overhead shots :)

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