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Bay Of Quinte Ice Fishing

The Bay of Quinte is now frozen and big Walleyes are coming through ice fishing holes. That’s right folks, the Bay Of Quinte Ice Fishing season is in high gear. With the cold temperatures of the last couple of weeks, the bay now has good ice in most areas.

We’re getting reports of very safe ice conditions on the crossing from Point Anne to Big Island Shoal. Please check with a local ice hut operator before you go out as conditions can change. If you plan on ice fishing an area of Quinte that has currents, always be weary as under-ice water currents can erode ice making it unsafe. Again, check with a local operator if you are unsure.

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Bay Of Quinte Ice Fishing hot spot, Big Island shoal

A general rule of thumb is that Big Island has the earliest safe ice, whereas places with current like the bridge area at Deseronto are notorious for treacherous unsafe ice conditions.

The walleye bait of choice is the mud minnow as many locals will tell you. But you have a few good lure choices that you should stock up on before you head out to the Bay of Quinte. Big spoons like a 2 ¼” silver Hopkins, oversized Swedish pimples, Little Cleos in blue/silver hammered finish, 2 ¼” silver plain finished Williams are all notorious for icing trophy walleye. Jigging Rapala’s tipped with minnows catch their fair share of big Quinte Walleye as well.

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