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Cook’s Bay Ice Fishing at Keswick Ontario

According to a local ice hut operator, there is currently “a minimum of 8 inches of ice” on Cook’s Bay out of Keswick, Ontario. You’ll find about “8 to 10 inches of snow” on top. There are the odd “slush holes here and there due to pressure cracks”. The conditions are green light for snowmobiles, but be cautious if you are taking an ATV out onto the ice.

Last week’s ice fishing on Cook’s Bay saw its up’s and downs. The week started off with a bang early in the week with some great perch ice fishing being reported. Later on in the week the fishing slowed down.

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A great day perch fishing on Cooks' Bay, Lake Simcoe

We talked to Rick Arsenault from Simcoe Fishing Adventures, an ice hut operator out of Keswick Ontario. He has some interesting theories as to why the bite can be up and down at times. Rick tells us that one of the reasons for the fishing slow down last week was due to “a full moon cresting”. The good news is that we expect the fishing to pick up again this week.

If you do find yourself in the middle of a slow bite, Rick has some good advice that can help you get into some perch during these adverse conditions: “downsize to tiny teardrops with a 14 or 16 size hook. It’s a good idea to tip your presentation with a perch eye or a piece of a minnow”. He told us that a common mistake that people make is to always jig their offering, when often a still presentation is the ticket.

If you’re heading down to Keswick for some Lake Simcoe ice fishing on Cook’s Bay, there is plenty of parking on the ice at the Glenwood Ave ramp as the ice is over 14 inches thick.

For up to the minute conditions, or to book, contact:

Simcoe Fishing Adventures
Keswick, Ontario
(905) 476 2652

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