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Lake Couchiching Fishing

Looking for a place to fish for smallmouth bass and largemouth bass in the Orillia area this summer? Lake Couchiching is predominantly known for these two types of fish. Located off Highway 11, the southern shore of Lake Couchiching can be reached by any number of cutoffs of this highway. Other areas of the lake can be reached via Mariposa Beach, Wilson Point and Washago. Mariposa beach is located along the eastern shore, Washago is near the northern tip of the lake and Wilson point is closer to the southern shore.

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Largemouth Bass
Once you’ve accessed Lake Couchiching and have zeroed in on some traditionally good bucketmouth spots, you will be able to enjoy endless hours of great largemouth bass fishing. The key to catching this plentiful fish is by using a soft plastic bait such as a senko, working it slowly either in a slow jig or dead-stick action along the weed lines. Slowing your presentation down in this manner will help you get more frequent strikes as bass in this lake tend to be spooky and lure shy due to the high level of boat traffic that Lake Couchiching is known for. This lake is a part of the Trent Severn Waterway and many boaters use it as a stopping point for any necessities, including supplies.
Smallmouth Bass
If you are looking to fish for smallmouth bass, go with the percentages and try fishing off any of the small islands.

If you have had your fill of bass fishing and are looking for another sport fish to catch, Lake Couchiching is also known for walleye and northern pike. Due to the large size of the lake, finding a good spot to fish is difficult. During the earlier times of the season, walleye will swim the shallows until summer comes. Shoal areas are the best place to catch these fish since walleye prey on bait fish which linger in these areas. The shoal areas vary in depth and the walleye tend to move to these various areas depending on the day.

Northern Pike
If you are looking for northern pike which are also difficult to catch, your best time for fishing is at dusk where they can be found in the weedy shallows. To hook some larger fish, try trolling a spoon or rapala along the weed lines or a top water fly or lure.
If you reside away from the area and need a place to stay, it is easy to find a hotel or motel in the area, especially near Orillia. Some of the marinas on the lake provide for accommodation and dining. If you are more of the outdoorsy type, there are three provincial parks located just outside of Orillia which are Bass Lake, Mara and McRae Point.

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