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Ontario Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead fishing in Ontario is highly underrated. It is one of the only types of trophy fishing you can do where you don’t need a boat, nor do you ever have to travel far from home to have a great day catching one of the prettiest fish the world has to offer. That’s because no matter where in Ontario you reside, chances are there is a Steelhead river nearby.

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Ontario Steelhead Fishing

Contrary to common perception, Steelhead are relatively easy to catch. These voracious feeders will readily inhale almost any bait that drifts past their noses, making them easy targets for beginner and experienced anglers alike. Don’t be fooled by expensive specialty Steelhead gear you may see some trout fanatics sporting – If you've ever fished with a worm and a bobber, you too can catch your fair share of these highly sought after game fish. With just a little basic know-how, you’ll be yelling “fish on” in no time… Of course later on, if – or should I say when you become addicted to Steelhead fishing, there will be plenty of time to purchase expensive rods and reels as your new hobby becomes an obsession.

The popularity of Steelhead fishing in Ontario has exploded over the last decade due largely in part to the vast number of quality Steelhead rivers in close proximity to urban areas, as well as the dissemination of this information made possible by the internet. Emerging is a new generation of avid Steelhead fishermen hungry for knowledge, and in the next few articles I will attempt to satisfy that hunger.

In this series of articles, my goal is to provide a comprehensive overview of the Ontario Steelhead Sport fishery. I will begin with a basic introduction and then delve into more detailed aspects of the Ontario Steelhead Fishery as the series of articles progresses. The topics that will be covered will include Steelhead fishing techniques as well as an exhaustive look at Steelhead Rivers and Tributaries found across Ontario.

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