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#204176 Port Credit: Salmon “pier” fishing tips for noobs

Posted by openfire on 30 August 2010 - 01:27 PM

Most of the recent talk here at OFF has been focused on salmon fishing and there seems to be an influx of new fishermen searching the forum for salmon info. So, I thought that I would take this opportunity to share some of the basics I’ve learned over the years while fishing for salmon at Port Credit.

The following info is geared towards fishermen who are new to salmon fishing and should serve as a quick primer/reference that will get a “noob” catching salmon in the least amount of time (hopefully). This info may be useful to some, but redundant for other more experienced anglers. So, noobs keep reading and salmon pros click the back button :)

I should point out that while this is written about Port Credit, most of the basics covered should also apply to other pier fishing scenarios, whether it’s Bronte, Port Hope, etc… Additionally, the following guide is based on my years of fishing Port Credit from mid July to early/mid September.

The largest salmon run in Ontario enters the Credit River through Port Credit in Mississauga, and there’s no better way to get ‘em while they’re fresh than “pier fishing” AKA “spoon chucking” at the mouth of the river... There are other techniques, but none as fun, exhilarating or rewarding as hooking up via the spoon in open water in my humble opinion…

So let’s begin. The first consideration people usually have when they get into salmon fishing is what gear to buy. There is no one right answer, so rather than getting into a drawn out explanation, I’ll just quickly tell you what I use, as it has worked nicely for me. Mileage may vary.

My Gear:

Rod - I have 3 rods that I use for this type of fishing, a 9’, 10’.6” and an 11’.6” (which also doubles as my river rod for steelhead).
Reel – Spinning reel with a spool capacity of 8 – 240 (the spool can hold 240 yards of 8 lb test diameter line)
Line – I load my reel up with 20 lb Power Pro braid (6lb diameter)
Lures - My “spoon chucking” arsenal includes 3 basic lures: Little Cleos, Krocodiles and Rapala J-13’s in various colours and finishes, all tested and proven at Port Credit. More about this later…
So now that you know what I’m packing, I’ll tell you what you need to know about catching salmon at Port Credit, spoon chuckin’ style:

Rule 1) Timing is everything.

If you take anything away from this guide, this should be it. I don’t care how skilled an angler you are, if you don’t fish when the salmon are within casting distance, you obviously won’t catch any fish. Remember, this is shore fishing, so unlike those with a boat, we must wait for the salmon to come to us.

Not to beat this point to death, but I’ve read posts from people who say that they didn’t see any fish being caught. Well, the reality is that if you were there at 1:00PM on a sunny day in clear water in the middle of August, it’s usually a foregone conclusion that you’re in for a good old fashion skunking… A savvy salmon fisherman may have caught 2 or 3 fish just 7 hours earlier and you would be none-the-wiser. I used to feel bad when I would run into guys at Port Credit while I was on a Sunday afternoon jog, seeing them casting cleos in the middle of the day… I would ask, “Any luck?” and they would say “No, nothing… I think it’s still too early in the year… Maybe anther 2 weeks”. It would be the 3rd week of August and I had already landed well over 2 dozen in the past month.

Here’s the deal, when it comes to casting lures from shore at the mouth of the Credit, to have any reasonable expectation of actually catching salmon, you have to time it right. So, when it comes to “timing it right”, you have 4 basic options, listed from best to worst:

a) Crack of Dawn.

This in my opinion is the very best time. When I say “crack of dawn”, I mean you should arrive at Port Credit while it is still pitch black and stay until the sun has risen.

At this time, the salmon are tight into the shore, actively and aggressively feeding. You will often see large boils on the surface of the water… these are salmon. When you see that happen, immediately cast past the boil and retrieve through the spot.

You have about a 2 hour window (depending on when you arrive) to hook as many salmon during this time before the sun gets too high in the sky and the salmon retreat back into deeper water, out of casting range. The window can be extended by an hour or so if it is overcast, but by 8:00 am, it’s usually game over, time to go home.

I usually show up well before dawn, at around 4:30 AM or so, and start with my glow in the dark cleo and stick with this lure until it is completely light outside, when I’ll then switch over to my other standard (non glow) lures.

b ) Fishing during overcast / inclement weather OR when a well defined mud-line exists within casting range.

If there’s a well defined mud-line, you can catch salmon all day long by casting right to the mud-line edges as illustrated in the image below:
Posted Image

Mud-lines form during and after a significant rain event. Salmon can often be found at the edges of the mud-line. If the edge of the mud-line is within casting range, work the edges and you may have a very good day 8)

c) Night Fishing.

Beginning in mid to late July, the salmon begin to stage at the mouth of the Credit. During the day, they are in deep water, way out of casting range. However, at night they move into the river mouth… within casting distance.

What you need is a “glow in the dark” spoon, such as the standard ¾ ounce green/white glow cleo and a camera flash to charge the lure. I usually flash the lure every 5 casts or so.

This is pretty straight forward. Cast, cast, cast, cast, cast, charge… and so on. Put in your hours and you will eventually hook up. Yes, I said hours. Be patient and you will be rewarded. This type of fishing can be hit and miss. Some nights you’ll have multiple hook ups, other nights, nadda.

d) Dusk.

This can be hit and miss, but occasionally the salmon will creep to within casting distance while feeding anywhere from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Signs to look for are birds (terns?)diving into schools of alewives and seagulls grabbing fish off the surface. Chances are the birds are not the only creatures actively feeding on them. Cast right into or preferably past where you see the birds diving, and reel your lure right through the school of Alewives. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hooked into salmon doing this. The birds can be your best friends… Aerial fish finders.

I don’t waste my time chucking spoons at Port Credit unless it is during one of the above 4 times. I guess that about wraps up rule 1)

So, this brings us to

Rule 2) Replace the dull treble hooks that came with your spoons.

Ditch those trebles and replace them with super-sharp Owner siwash hooks, or at the very least, Gamakatsu siwash hooks if you want to save a few bucks. The bottom line is to get rid of the trebles and replace with siwash hooks. You will get much better hook penetration, and I’ve never had a siwash-hooked salmon get off unless my line snapped.

A pack of Owner siwash hooks will run you about $9 for a 6 pack, but given all the time, energy and expense you’ve already invested, is it really worth skimping out on the one single most important piece of fishing tackle?

Rule 3) Have confidence.

If you strictly follow rule 1) and 2) above, you are maximizing your chances at hooking up with Mr. Chinook Salmon. A good fisherman is a confident fisherman.

A final note about lure selection:

The reason that shore fishermen use spoons is primarily because they are heavy. This allows you to launch your presentation as far as possible, which is vitally important when shore fishing at Port Credit. For this reason, I recommend a ¾ ounce Little Cleo, as opposed to the 2/5 and 1/3 ounce models.

Similarly, Krocodiles come in a couple of sizes. Again, you want the largest size.

Lure color: I’ve found that the best colours are yellow/silver, blue/silver, green/silver both regular and hammered finish (cleo) and fire-tiger.

For visual reference, here is my Port Credit salmon line-up:

My Cleos:

Posted Image

edit to add a pic of the yellow/silver cleo... This is probably the best colour of them all. You may have noticed that it's missing from my collection. That's only because I lost it the last time I went salmon fishing, and I haven't got around to replacing it yet. Here is what it looks like:
Posted Image

My Luhr-Jenson Krocodiles:

Posted Image
My Rapala J-13s:

Posted Image

I think I've pretty much covered the basics, but in case I've missed anything, members with knowledge of this subject should feel free to add to this if you have any additional info.

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  • cleos.jpg
  • portcreditmudline.jpg

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#208505 Credit River - Mississauga

Posted by openfire on 17 November 2010 - 10:49 PM

Click on a coloured section of the river on the map below to view open season details.

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#292522 Lost gear

Posted by RUSTY420 on 28 October 2013 - 07:23 PM

If you lost some fishing gear today send me a pm
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#323924 Float-fishing: 10 tips for catching more steelhead

Posted by rick james on 09 May 2015 - 11:48 PM

Hey guys,
I'm by no means the best trout angler but I've been around the rivers for over 25 years and I guess I've learnt a thing or two along the way. I've noticed there's a few newbies on the forum requesting tips and in the spirit of goodwill I thought I might share some tips that have helped me. 
Here are my Top 10 tips for catching steelhead float fishing
10.Give to the river
It's good Karma. Whether it's donating your time or money to your favourite association or picking up some garbage each time you fish, give and you shall receive. 
9.Hire a guide
It's worth the money. What you'll learn from a knowledgeable guide will fast track you on the path to success. 
8.Learn the centre pin
It takes a bit of getting used to but you'll hook and catch way more fish.
7.Pool positioning
I like to stand on a rock if I can to get a good vantage point of the drift.  In general  I try to position myself in such a way that I get the most natural drift possible in the areas I expect there fish to be holding, i.e. usually the top or bottom end of a pool.
Holding back or trotting at the beginning of your drift can make sure the fish see your bait before the rest of your rig.  Following the bubble lines with your float straight up and down can ensure you have the most natural presentation possible.


5. Right rig.

I tie my high vis mainline to my shot line via a micro swivel and then my shot line to the my leader with another micro swivel. I  start with larger weight (size AB or BB) closer to top of my shot line and get smaller as a go down (no. 1 or no. 4 shot).  I'm careful to match the amount of weight to the size float I'm using.  My float  is attached  by tubing above my first weight and I'll slide it up or down above or below the top swivel depending on the depth  I'm drifting.  I'll use bulkier floats for faster/choppier water and longer/thinner floats for slow water. Medium bulk floats are good for most conditions. I'll also adjust my weights, for example, sliding most closer to the bottom swivel in faster water when I want the bait to get down faster.  I usually use 0.20 mm diameter fluorocarbon for the leader but if conditions are clear I'll go 0.18mm or in dirtier water 0.22 mm. I also use fluorocarbon for my shot line, a thicker diameter than my leader but less than my mainline . My shot line is usually about 3-4 ft in length and my leader about 12-24 inches, again depending. I'll sometimes tie a second leader directly onto the hook of my first leader to drift 2 baits simultaneously i.e. bead/fly at the top and bag/worm/pinkie at the bottom to increase my odds at success. I like using sedge hook in sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16, generally fishing smaller hooks and smaller baits in clearer conditions.


4.Right bait
I use fresh roe often brown or speckled trout roe which you can buy on-line and I use a variety of scarf colors, more natural in clearer conditions. Cotton candy pink, white and chartreuse seem to be my best producers. I generally use small roe sacks about dime sized but in other waters golf ball sized roe sacks can be most productive. I also carry many types of beads in various colours and sizes. A 6 mm peach bead is my best producer in clear waters. I also have a variety of flies, plastic and lives worms on me at all times. Chumming a pool with excess roe can stir the fish into action.
If I know I have the right presentation I generally won't try one bait for more than 5-10 drifts. This could mean changing to a different size/color roe sack or bead for instance. I make multiple adjustments to weight distribution and distance between float to bait to make sure I have that perfect drift before moving on to a different bait. Having a 'tackle tamer' with multiple pre-tied leaders helps to change baits quickly and smoothly. 
I find if a particular pool is going to produce a fish or more it usually does so early on. If you've tried a few different presentations and adjustments and no fish, move to the next spot it might just be where most of the fish are that day. 
1. Location
Knowing one or two  rivers very well and how they fish under various conditions may be better than river hoping and not really understanding any particular river very well.  Timing runs, especially in the fall, is key. Know your flow charts (google Ontario River Data) so you can predict when the river becomes fishable after a heavy rain,  just as it clears up is generally the best time to fish.  
I hope this helps. It would be cool to hear your tips and please feel free to add any questions, comments, or  criticisms.

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#321543 ROSS Reels Momentum LT #4 Gold Fly Fishing Reel 7/8/9 WT BNIB

Posted by swiftcurrent on 25 February 2015 - 03:22 PM


I respect where you're coming from, and a simple heads up that an item may have been, or is on sale someplace is a nice thing to do. But, beyond that, I think nothing else needs to be said. This is a buy and sell section and a person has every right to ask what they feel they want for an item. As buyers we can pay, choose to look else where or even bargain. Coppa has every right to even profit on shrewd buy, if that happens to be the case. The fact that you would'nt pay more then $200 for this reel is irrelevant. Ross makes a great product and its upto the purchaser to do their due diligence and decide what its worth to them. I don't think it's necessary to dissolve into this petty back and forth. Unless you know something illegal is occuring or have had a bad buying experience a particular seller I think it's unfair to hijack someone's 'buy/sell' thread with unsubstantiated allegations of wrong doing.

Just my two cents.
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#306369 2014 Opener! Lets See What You Got!

Posted by fishfearme on 28 April 2014 - 09:50 PM

There are a couple of things about this thread:


1) It seems that a lot of people concerned with numbers. When did fishing become about keeping score. Too many people missing the point IMO.

    'What was once a trout-cold, hard, spotted and beautiful-now becomes "number seven" ' - Thomas McGuane


2) There is blatant mishandling of fish. Fish laying bleeding on the ground, fish in the mud, fish in the grass, fish being held by the gills; all bad examples of how to properly handle a fish. I realize that these are hearty fish, they wouldn't be able to make this annual journey if they weren't, but lets remember that as river fishermen (and women) we are targeting these fish at their most vulnerable. I'm not some kind of bleeding heart activist, and I'm not trying to stir up any bs, I'm simply asking that we show a little respect to the amazing fish we chase, and that we set a good example for the new generation of steelheader that may be browsing this thread. Personally I love all things steelheading, and want to make sure that my children have the same opportunity to fall in love with these incredible creatures.

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#291471 My Tip for serious bass Anglers

Posted by alwayscatching on 19 October 2013 - 12:51 AM

Hey guys, I get a lot of questions about how to get started bass fishing beyond the simple ugly stick and spinning reel combo. How do I prep to fish deeper water with cranks? How do I get fish out of the heavy cover? Realistically to anyone who is not as serious as I am or most others, there are 3 basic rods that you should look to invest and 3 reels along with them.


1. Start your journey with the purchase of a 6'10- 7 ft MH Fast Action Baitcaster. This will primarily be your jerkbait, spinnerbait, crankbait, lipless crankbait, and possibly some topwater plugs. Without breaking the bank you can aim to buy yourself a Mojo Bass St.Croix rod. They are not as expensive and if you can buy one used then you will pay a lot less. As for a reel, you can use anything from a 4.7:1 - 5.5:1(the bass pro qualifier reel is great for the price and I would load it up with suffix siege clear mono line)



2. I also recommend getting a nice spinning rod 6'8 or 7'2 Extra Fast Action. This can be your rod for tossing wacky senkos, tubes, drop shot, finesse shaky heads. For this situation I love pairing up a shimano Crucial with an Abu Garcia reel. The Crucial is great but only if you buy it used, do not pay retail for it. If you have the extra cash to spend on a reel, the Abu Garcia Revo SX spinning reel is amazing! Suggested on my end.




3. Now the fun part. I am a big fan of flipping a jig into that cover, or punching a tungsten skirted weight with a creature bait on the hook. If you really do not want to spend too much money, the Abu Garcia Veritas 7 ft Heavy Fast Action rod is a great start. For 79.99 they are very reasonable. Again if you can find it used BUY IT. I am sure you can snag one for 50 bucks. Make sure that the baitcaster you pair it with has a ratio of 7.1:1 at least.

These are the basic 3. You do not need to spend over 500 bucks on all sorts of rod and reels and different baits. You can easily fish a full day on the lake with these 3 types of set ups. Now if you have money and are willing to get yourself a full arsenal then I support you!




Cheers and thanks for reading if you took the time. Do not forget to green arrow if you liked!

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#285351 FORUM RULES...New Members Read This First Please

Posted by ChaseChrome on 14 September 2013 - 01:17 PM

To all new members: Please ensure you read these guidelines before asking questions and/or posting information about sensitive watersheds...your posts will be immediately deleted...



Steelhead and Salmon forum rules

  • Naming Rivers: The naming of any specific river or tributary is not permitted in the publicly viewable general discussion forum. Instead, please refer to the river by the general area it is located, ie “East Trib”, “West Trib”, “GB (Georgian Bay) Trib”, etc. For example, you are not allowed to say "I had a great day fishing yesterday on Wilmot Creek", instead, we encourage members to say "I had a great day fishing yesterday on an East Trib". The former statement should be relegated to the reports sections (coming soon), away from public view.
  • Lining Debate: "Lining", "snagging" or "flossing" fish is a hot-button topic that often ruins otherwise productive conversations. In order to keep the general discussion forum clean, helpful and productive, it is the policy of OFF that any and all "lining" conversation/debate be conducted in the "Salmonid Insanity" sub-forum.
  • Forum Etiquette: Simple - Be polite, keep it civil. All personal attacks, insults, inflammatory remarks, threats, racist remarks, trolling and otherwise rude and/or immature behaviour are strictly forbidden and will be met with disciplinary action up to and including permanent banning.

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#281282 Salmon in the rivers yet.

Posted by despotiko on 29 August 2013 - 07:38 PM


Bass if you ask me are garbage, they arent hard to catch, can be found in most still waters. Not much of a fight. 18lbs line to catch a 2-7lbs fish. Right where is the challenge? Go to a lake, look for lilly pads, branches in the water a bit of shade and BAM there is Bass. They can populate a lake in no time they are not illusive, they are not spooked very easily. If this hurts your feelings. Call Dr.Phil.


lmao Thats about a ignant as it gets. You should fish bass tournaments with all that valuable knowledge you have. Guiga, as for your question; since these fish are migrating it would make the most sense to fish areas closer to the mouth after a good rain, as the water levels drop you can either fish higher up in a system for fish that have already migrated from the previous run, or you can fish at the piers for staging fish that will be running after the next rise in water levels. Of course this is a general rule and can be vary slightly depending on the time of year. The fish that are running now are headed as far upstream to cooler water as possible and wont hold in the lower sections as much as they will be come autumn when we get cooler, more favourable water temps. Best thing you can do is keep fishing your home waters, get to know them intimately, keep a close eye on the weather and river conditions and it will all come together for you. These fish are no where near as ILLUSIVE or difficult to catch as some believe they are, with practice you'll get the hang of it. And there's nothing wrong with asking for help, don't let others discourage you.


Goodluck buddy

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#254982 Stringers and Catch and Keep POLICY PLEASE

Posted by redneckchromer on 28 December 2012 - 07:12 PM

its my bad--having a little too much fun...

this is what you call fun? trolling our forum? posting nonsense? Have you ever posted a successful report or has it all just been brand bashing, harassing and flaunting new gear ?
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#308448 My duty as a Toronto Urban Fishing Ambassador

Posted by MuskieBait on 20 May 2014 - 11:46 AM

It's a bit dated (from Apr 20, 2014)

Fishing is not always about the fish. As a member of the Toronto Urban Fishing Ambassador, I try to promote fishing in Toronto whenever I can...as long as my fishing isn't interrupted too much LOL.

I love to chat about fishing with people in general, but I really do love to share the sport with kids.

Today, I was fishing in a river right in downtown Toronto. This river is as urban as it gets. Since Trout Opener is still 6 days to come (Yes!!! 6 more days!!!), I figure I would get some more practice drifting, reading waters and setting some hooks into fish.

Well, the fish were really tight to bottom so in the end I did more bottom bouncing than float fishing. I was getting nothing on the float until I met Dave by sheer coincidence and we started bottom bouncing the pool. It didn't take long to catch some of the White Suckers we were after.


While we were fishing, a family came by. First it was the mom with a 2 year old boy. She was interested to find there were fish in this "dirty" river. Soon I was able to catch and show them a healthy White Sucker. The 2 year old was a bit unnerved by the fish. However, his older brother came to join us. As in my typical fashion, when kids are around, I work hard to try to get a fish on the hook and then hand off the rod. Dave said I have a touch for catching fish on demand for kids. Indeed, it only took the next cast to get one. I handed the rod to the boy and with some coaching he was able to bring a nice White Sucker to the bank. It was his first fish ever.


We released this fish and chatted about the importance of catch and release and selective harvest. We also mentioned that fish in Toronto is not as heavily polluted as some may think. You just need to know which species can be safely eaten and how many meals a week to consume. It is all about moderation. I wasn't trying to preach these ideas. The family were interested and they asked the questions.

As much as I love to catch fish of my own, and work on my lifelist, there is really very little that compares to the accomplishment I receive when I can help kids learn to fish...and especially catch their first fish.

Although I'm a bit less involved with TUFA these days, I always look forward to volunteering at any of the family fishing events every year. To me, there is nothing more important to our sport of fishing than promoting fishing to the next generation and to instill important conservation concepts in their young minds.

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#287312 Bass Set Ups

Posted by alwayscatching on 23 September 2013 - 08:37 PM

Or you can always just ask me if I am free and I would meet anyone there. I usually do my stocking up around this time of year.

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#287161 Bass Set Ups

Posted by alwayscatching on 23 September 2013 - 10:08 AM

I thought I would just toss out what basic bass setups I have and maybe you guys can reference some of my specs to yours or maybe for future you may want to try out some of what I have to offer in terms of specs. Keep in mind guys, I typically use 40-65 lbs braided line with 25 lbs fluorocarbon leaders UNLESS I am using a crankbait stick in which case you may want to have a full line of 10-12 lbs Seaguar Fluorocarbon. Also for spinnerbaits I use straight braid and do not use a swivel! It can actually take away from the action. I use an open loop and tie my knot directly to them.


Soft Plastics
7 Ft MH Fast action
Baitcaster 7+ Ratio
Senkos(Wacky Only) as well as Drop Shot Rod
6'8-7ft Extra Fast action
Spin Reel
7'6-11 MH-H Fast
Baitcaster 7+ Ratio
7 Ft M Moderate Action
Baitcaster 4.7-5.5 Ratio
Spinnerbait/Jerk Baits
6'6 MH Fast for 1/4-3/8 ounce
Baitcaster 6.3:1 Ratio for tight spaces such as boats/docks/thick bushes/laydowns
7'2 MH Fast for 3/4 ounce
Baitcaster 7.1:1 Ratio
Can use this for dragging football jigs as well as a carolina rig. Can also work small-mid sized swim baits.

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Posted by ChaseChrome on 05 September 2013 - 07:37 PM

Not clear whether this is a capital generating venture...nor what practical function this will have by way of protecting fragile watersheds. Not a business guy and this is not my site so I will defer on the former. As for the latter, suffice to say that there are numerous other fora that openly discuss access to southern tribs...the exercise here then is moot and will effectively create a two-tiered forum. Not sure whether I subscribe to that. It might also be noted that a quick pm to those whome you trust to have good discretion has always been the best way of marshalling a group of such anglers to meet up for time on the water...although sharing information about fragile fisheries with those you "trust" to be discrete doesn't always work out either (human nature brothers and sisters).

It seems the system we have in place...a few strategic invites and pms is adequate...jmo

I will leave to far more profound and judicious minds than this one...
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#258515 Float rod choice

Posted by CJR on 18 January 2013 - 05:01 PM

salmon arent that hard on a CP. Sometimes you get the super hot fish that you dont stand a chance with but I landed quite a few salmon this season in less than 5 minutes on a 4-8lb 13'4 rod. RIGHT IN THE MOUF!

Posted Image
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#247100 The Ultimate Photo Thread

Posted by AKnook on 31 October 2012 - 02:05 PM

Why not just ban photos then. Geez.. "I recognize that tree! There goes the river." I guy can't share a photo without being critisized. Just ban it all together then. The forum will be so much more fun.
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#227439 a SUCKER for STEEL

Posted by Guest on 04 April 2012 - 05:05 PM

Let's keep it reasonable boys.

SOUNDS LIKE A MAN who is reasonable!


<a%20href=Posted Image">

Dear Fellow and Respected Members of OFF,

Recently I went fishing for suckers and made 3 posts relevant to the situation.

It appears that this topic has caused (2) threads to be LOCKED.

I can only hope that this thread will remain open ... allowing for intelligent conversation.

If not ... Would having 3 threads in a week closed be a record at OFF?


So.... my very first excursion out to get some SUCKERS began like this:

1. Picked about 3-4 dozen worms the night before

2. Decided to TAKE the GO BUS to DUFFINS CREEK(Have fished the sucker runs there 7 years in a row)

3. Got off at CHURCH & KINGSTON RD

4. Headed down the trail towards the CNR TRACKS and 401 POOL

5. Stopped at (2) holes along the way (Always hold largesucker pods)


6. Ended up catching 1 Trout in one pool and 2 inthe next. The other 4 were all caught at the CNR -401 POOL! (OPEN SEASON on EVERTHING)

7. In each pool before arriving at the CNR-401 location, I had received bites from Chub and what felt like suckers

All the TROUT were released

So.... I published an HONEST ACCOUNT of my day of fishing. Does this seem like a conspiracy of someone trying to “Beat the system” or hide their actions?

I take it that all my hundreds of positive posts and topics and contributions were all part of an eleborate scheme ... to fool the TROUT MAFIA?

I truly suspect the vast majority of “HATE RESPONSES’ are coming from individuals who are:




*PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION to those who love to
JUDGE others, arrive at ASSUMPTIVE CONCLUSIONS.... and God forbid, if you

Apparently, trout is the ONLY SPECIES of any importance.

The same “Ethical Know it alls” are often seen throwing Chub& Suckers & Carp up on the shoreline to DIE. Guess the “TROUT ONLY SIGN” on their offering was ignored.

Same guys who assume that anyone not using a CENTRE PIN...must be a loogan, poacher or snagger.

Every year at BRONTE, CREDIT, HUMBER, WILMOT ... Bowmanville,I see the CARNAGE left on the shorelines. Considering the number one choice of bait for Steel headers is ROE.... there would be absolutely no coincidence of association here, would there?

Seeing the BROWNS slit open is especially disheartening.

Course only a “STEELHEADER” of high moral fortitude would even imagine that the BROWN ROE is the BOMB.... right?

<a%20href=Posted Image

My intentions were for catching SUCKERS.

I really do not need to justify anything to anyone.

Subsequently, I have not fished for suckers in any “Closed Trout Area”.

Last night, while fishing for SUCKERS with worms - I caught:
Bass, Suckers, Chub and TROUT!

Who would have thought?
All were released.

This weekend, I will go out and do the same.

I can only hope more of us will get out and enjoy the wonderful opportunities out there.

Best to all!

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#217094 OFF (this Site) is GOING DOWN HILL

Posted by openfire on 06 October 2011 - 05:54 AM

Something told me to check in this morning. I'm glad that I saw this thread.

First off, my hat goes off to Efka who has done a marvelous job at keeping some semblance of order around here during my absence.

Secondly, to all the members, thank you for your patience.

The format that is currently in place was intended to exist in conjunction with the reports sections, as they existed in the previous version of OFF, as the older members may recall. The reports sections were removed "temporarily" during the last forum upgrade as we were under-taking a massive re-organization of the both the style and functionality of the board. Unfortunately, I was pulled away from OFF before the forum upgrade was completed and all the new features could be fully implemented, including the new gallery, new reports sections and other new and upgraded features.

I think I'm correct in assuming that much of the conflict here recently is related in part to the absence of the private reports sections, where members may freely discuss detailed reports, including locations, as well as an influx of new and in some cases, rude members. This will be rectified soon, as:

1) When I have some free time, my first order of business will be to read through the last few months of posts and -- to put it bluntly -- I will ban the less "mature" members who Efka has not already banned.
2) I'm planning yet another OFF upgrade at some time in the very near future to include all the upgrades mentioned above and more... once I wrap up the project that I'm currently involved in.

Hopefully the above two measures will assist OFF during these "growing pains". I don't have a precise time-frame yet, but it will be "soon".

In the mean time, I am eliminating the ability to "negative rep". I think this causes hostility and serves no real purpose other than to perpetuate ill will among members.

Thanks for your patience, and I appreciate the feedback.


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#217018 OFF (this Site) is GOING DOWN HILL

Posted by Guest on 05 October 2011 - 04:10 AM

Since around mid August 2011 ... this site seems to be on a DOWNWARD SPIRAL.

Almost every other post involves some NEGATIVE COMMENTS.



There are certain individuals who "lead the pack" in these matters.

and those who seem to "Feed ON" this kind of behavior.

-Infatuated with accusing every single person of Flossing / Lining - poaching
-Jumping on people about "Secret Spots"
-Ridiculing peoples setups and choice of bait
-Making fun of those who lose equipment

“SALMON” and “FISHING EXPERTS” ? ...."Know it alls"
... yet have posted few reports, no personal info, barely any TOPICS

This MUST come to a stop!

The MODERATOR(s) even confirmed that "Some" of these individuals were BANNED.
Hopefully when OPENFIRE returns from vacation, this can be remedied.

Is this acceptable behaviour?


OFF was once:

where INFORMATION was shared

ou would rarely see ( –minus reputation points) being so randomly handed out.
In fact it was the OPPOSITE ( +1 were given to those who gave good ADVICE & REPORTS ... not CRUDE REMARKS!)

“Thankyou’s” were given to those individuals who took the time and courtesy to receive them from fellow CONTRIBUTORS.

Not anymore! What a shame.

I would hope that the MEMBERS of this SITE will take action(s) and put a stop to this nonsense.

I have had enough of this and from what I have been reading & seeing lately, I know most of you have as well.

Why are the Posts/ Reports down?
Why are people getting fed up and leaving (including myself)?
Why are there so many -minus reps?
Why do people get +1 for crude remarks and inappropriate opinions?

Sincerely Yours,

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#215795 East Trib Salmon Fishing

Posted by Majstor on 12 September 2011 - 09:37 PM

no need to leave cos u get menus ratings, it is the internet all kinda jack offs out there. I had my posts rated - few times last week but i don't let it get to me after all this is the internet lol.
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