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#335408 What depth are the summer bass??

Posted by 14ftinner on 20 August 2016 - 04:16 PM in General Fishing Discussion

Find the weed beds or structure you mentioned above and then back the boat up until the weeds get sparse or suddenly disappear or you can't see the rocks anymore. Try those edges or transition points. Also, look for rocky points that stick out from shore or at the mouths of shallow bays and and assume they continue underwater even if you can't see them. If you're fishing structure that is kind of all the same, like a rocky shore or a weed bed, look for something different, like an extra big rock or pocket or cut in the weeds. Once you find fish, remember what you did and keep doing the same thing in the same types of areas. Also look for gulls sitting on the water as they are usually after the same baitfish as the bass are. In the summer when the water is warm the bass need to eat so they will be where the bait is.

Thanks guys, some good tips. I really like the one with the seagulls. I struggle with my local lakes finding those key spots. If anyone knows Guelph lake... Its a man made lake so the slopes are gradual without drop offs. I just fished there today and left super disappointed. I found lots of baitballs on the fish finder and only a million carp.... but still could not hook up into bass.
I think I could benefit from some topographic maps, or a similar feature on a good fish finder

#335277 What depth are the summer bass??

Posted by 14ftinner on 16 August 2016 - 10:29 AM in General Fishing Discussion

So im having a heck of a time finding the fish. Last two weekends im lucky to leave the lake with 1-2 fish making it in the boat. Spring time was a mean trick that taught me catching fish is easy haha.


My tactics so far are top water lures in the morning and late evening. During the day i use spinners, spin baits and swim jigs.


I troll the shore lines and cast right into the shallows and retrieve back to the boat, I never go deeper than 5 feet of water. The reason for this is, i cant see structure or cover if i go deep so where do i cast? I love drop shotting but never know where to cast!!! Should i just try casts at 20 feet? 10 feet?


I have a tackle box of rubbers and lures and dont know where to cast them!!! anyone have any tips?! (p.s i live in southern Ontario)