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Posting Guidelines

  • Naming Rivers: The naming of any specific river or tributary is not permitted in the publicly viewable general discussion forum. Instead, please refer to the river by the general area it is located, ie “East Trib”, “West Trib”, “GB (Georgian Bay) Trib”, etc. For example, you are not allowed to say "I had a great day fishing yesterday on Wilmot Creek", instead, we encourage members to say "I had a great day fishing yesterday on an East Trib". The former statement should be relegated to the reports sections (coming soon), away from public view.
  • Lining Debate: "Lining", "snagging" or "flossing" fish is a hot-button topic that often ruins otherwise productive conversations. In order to keep the general discussion forum clean, helpful and productive, it is the policy of OFF that any and all "lining" conversation/debate be conducted in the "Salmonid Insanity" sub-forum.
  • Forum Etiquette: Simple - Be polite, keep it civil. All personal attacks, insults, inflammatory remarks, threats, racist remarks, trolling and otherwise rude and/or immature behaviour are strictly forbidden and will be met with disciplinary action up to and including permanent banning.
Please remember that we are not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message.
The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of this bulletin board. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately by email. We have the ability to remove objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary.

You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this bulletin board.

You agree that you assign to this Website (ontariofishingforums.com) and its successors perpetual and unlimited license free of charge to publish or otherwise use any content and materials provided by you. You agree that this applies to any post or article or contribution or material of any type that you submit or upload in any way. You retain copyright to any original content you contribute.

Freedom of speech
Your contribution to this forum is not a right but a privilege. As this is a private website there is no public right to freedom of speech. The rules we have in place are to protect the site, and to provide a convivial environment for our Members. In short: we decide what is permissible or not permissible.

Removal requests
If you have a patent or copyright-related request for material to be removed from the Website, we will always comply with such requests where they can be shown to have a legally-valid basis.