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Tie A Clear Fishing Float,Now Teach You!

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Posted 17 September 2013 - 05:11 AM

Go fishing is a health way of life, it can help people to find the peace inside their heart, and also a good way to train your endurance and patience. Children will like it because it can offer satisfaction and accomplishment. So let us guide your journey of fishing.
All You Need Is just:
Small fishing bead
Fishing weight
Neutral-colored nylon line
A  Pull 2 feet of line past the last eye on your fishing rod. Cut a 5 inchs piece of nylon fishing line. This will be used to create a knot on your line to stop the float rig from sliding all the way up your line.
B  Place the nylon over the center of the line, roughly 1 foot from the rod's tip. Swoop both ends of the nylon under the line and then back over. Bring together the ends over top of the line. Twist the nylon around into a coil several times. Tighten the ends and pull them close. Tie a regular knot on top. Cut off the ends. You now have a knot that will stop the float from sliding up your line.
C Slide a bead at the end of your line in order that it stops at the nylon knot. Push the button on the float to release the hook. Place the line under the hook and move it to the button. Push the side of the button to expose the hook inside the button. Place the line in there, to make sure the line is still under the hook on the opposite side. Slide it up to the bead.
D Slide a weight through the center of the line. It will rest at the float.
E Slide another bead along the line to rest on the weight.
F Cut off a 15 inchs piece of line from another spool. Tie a basic knot at one end. Tie a hook onto the other end with a basic knot.
G Tie the other end of the 15 inchs line to a swivel. Tie the float line to the other end of the swivel.

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