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Not the summer I was expecting.....HELP!!

help fishing grand river speed

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#1 Robert Pogue

Robert Pogue


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Posted 05 July 2014 - 05:18 PM

Hey guys, Recently in the last 3 weeks i moved from my amazing apartment on an Island along the Ottonabee River in Peterborough to rooming with a friend down in Cambridge. trust me not what i wanted because i could catch walleye and musky off my deck if i wanted back in Peterborough. but other tenants in the house had no respect for my property and constantly would steal from me. even found out they had a key designed for my part of the house. (they deny the whole thing to anyone but me)


Anyways, i found that the moment i went fishing here its almost a completely new river for me. there are some parts that are so shallow that there's nothing but weeds every cast. i'm completely lost at how to fish this river. so far out of 5-6 fishing trips out here I've managed to catch 1 bass and a small crappie. I've heard that you can catch pike up here and that's on my bucket list to catch. to make a long story short. if anybody has any tips whatsoever whether it be go-to lures or some good spots they wouldn't mind letting me know of (feel free to PM me) that would be a huge help. i just really want this summer to be a good one and not get skunked!!!  



also if anybody would like to meet up with me and go for a fish in the area. just give me a PM i'd love to learn some of the spots and meet some local fisherman with the knowledge of the rivers!


I'll be sure to include some pics in another post if i catch anything next time i go out!!



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#2 tcp



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Posted 05 July 2014 - 07:52 PM

Ya unfortunately you are downgrading your location in terms of fishing. There are some good opportunities in Cambridge tho. If you have a boat, Puslinch lake is loaded with pike and bass. A good spot to start on the rivers would be the grand river downtown Galt (south end of cambtidge) between main st and HWY 97. It's deep enough through there to throw lures all year long. There are several access points in that stretch on both sides of the river. Explore an good luck. I target carp exclusively in Cambridge. Best fighting fish we have here.
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#3 JeffSimms



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Posted 05 July 2014 - 08:37 PM

Definitely a downgrade like he said, but I still land a lot of nice fish. If you have chest waders, you can slowly dissect the rivers here pretty quickly. I fish the grand, speed and Nith almost religiously. In Preston there are some great spots for smallmouth, I find pike here aren't always in typical spots, but I landed a few today in the Nith. Pm me if you'd like man, I fish almost exclusively for Bass and pike around town, so I know a fair amount of productive spots.

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