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Stuck in old fishing habits

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#1 boddah



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Posted 10 March 2016 - 01:28 PM

Looking for some options on new rod and lines. For years I just bought medium rod reel combos till the reels wore out. Now I'm getting better equipment and have gotten shorter rods and medium heavy action. I mainly fish bass and pike and find the rods better for boat fishing retrieving crank baits and some trolling. I've also tried my bait caster for a couple years now and can't get the hang of it for casting. I mainly use it for pitching senkos. I also spend money on new lures only to use my trusty regulars haha. I'm looking to get a new rod and reel this season and some new line.
1- should I get a lighter action rod for the kind of fishing I do or stick with a heavier action?
2- I use braid on the bait caster now. Should I get something else to help me get better casts?
3- is anyone using fluorocarbon spooled on reels or just mainly for leaders?
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#2 myspacedave



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Posted 10 March 2016 - 02:39 PM

You sound like me a few years ago, bud. 


All of these things depend on where you see yourself a year or two from now regarding your hobby. If you continue with the same target species, and techniques I'd recommend taking some time to observe what aspects of each rod and reel you like. Durability, smooth drag, sounds of the reel, if you have a baitcaster, don't give up on it as I hear they're incredible for warm water species. Take some time before you buy to decide what you're going to do next. Buying a rod for a trip the day of, or just before is wasteful

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#3 xred



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Posted 13 March 2016 - 09:55 AM

One thing I found with baitcasters is you definitely get what you pay for

I have a 60 dollar quantum baitcaster and a shimano citica.

I was using the quantum for plastic and the citica for lures

use the same braid on both and the Quantum is much more of a PITA

more back lashes and birdnests no matter how much i fiddle with it.

The shimano I set once with bait im using and cast away.

Needless to say I just bought another Citica for this season.


Glad I bought the shimano first or I probably would of went back to spinning reels.

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