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Are Fish Attracted to Electricity?

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Posted 26 June 2016 - 11:16 AM

Electroreception is just another sense to a fish. We don't even think about it in human terms, yet all living things give off voltage. There have been countless studies done on the subject. Just think for a moment about how far light penetrates water. Measurable light is virtually gone at 500 ft in clear water. But many species are found way deeper than that. We aren't fishing down there, so the focus is on our target fish. They too can be receptive to small voltage fields. One of my favorite studies is done on blindfolded catfish in a tank. They inserted rods made of glass, wood and metal into the tanks away from the catfish. The only one that the catfish responded to was the metal rod which immediately gives off voltage from galvanic reaction of the rod. Here is a link to that full report. 


 Electricity doesn't care how muddy the water is, how dark it is outside, or how fast the water is flowing, it is just there! What I have done is come up with a system that uses natural elements which are matched to lure components and in turn radiate a voltage field that fish respond to. It sort of acts like catnip, and some fish love it. I say some, because not all species have been tested by myself or my team. The ones so far that like it are salmon and trout.

 There is more information on my website www.lurecharge.com Click on the 'research' and 'testimonial' pages. I welcome your comments.

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