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Twisted & Tapered Furled Leaders colour died, How To Make

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Posted 05 July 2018 - 10:51 AM

The 1st video shows tapered furled colour died leader.


The 2nd video shows heavier tackle ie: casting & popping method
for Muskies & saltwater fish.

He is using 16 strand Hollow Core Braid or PE Line.
He also splices the hollow core & uses a Cats Paw Knot to connect the twisted leader.

Regular 4 & 8 strand braid will work
With regular braid you would tie a Bimini Twist Knot

Then connect with Cats Paw Knot.
Just like Wind On Leaders.

You can use the PR Knot on Braid to Twisted Leader.

Or FG Knot if needed.

The Dual PE Stick Line Tensioner he uses can be made from PVC or Wood dowel (broom handle).
With electrical tape wrapped around for better grip. Photo below !

Any sized line you choose will work.
I recommend for Muskie minimum 4' 40lb mono = 80lb twisted, use 8' piece of mono.
with 1' to 3' minimum 100lb Flourocarbon Bite Leader.

Or use a 10', 12 or 14' piece of mono double 2' to 6' of your Twisted 80lb as in 1st video
Ending up with a 1' to 3' Quad 160lb bite leader as in 3rd video.
10' = 4' 80lb twisted & 1' Quad Bite Leader.
14' = 4' 80lb twisted & 3' Quad Bite Leader
Dye the whole leader Pink (or blend Red & White dye to make Pink)

Instead of Wire Leader !

Personally I prefer to have a 6' Monofilament Twisted Leader with 1' Flourecarbon Bite Leader !


The 3rd video is for the Monsters


Dual PE Stick.

Tight Lines
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