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#1 FishingAddiction


    Shiner Minnow

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Posted 09 August 2018 - 10:13 PM

Haven’t been on in awhile. Broke both my arms a few months back and during that time I have been reading up and watching all of the yak videos people have been posting. I’m very familiar with a lot of fishing except yak fishing so after watching and reading and investigating everything I could about yak fishing I decided to jump in and finally purchase one. I didn’t want to go to expensive just in case it wasn’t for me, so I bought a lifetime tamarack angler. I have upgraded the seat and did a mod to it so it sits up higher “much more comfortable now.” I’ve also added the crate and lights on the inside of it. And mounted a small tackle storage to the center inside of it. Had it out in Georgian bay a few times already and boy does it handle good for a less expensive kayak.

A few things I’m wondering about is
1- I don’t really want to run a downrigger on it so has anyone had experience using deep six divers or dipsy divers from a yak. If so is it productive?

2- any sudgestions for upgrades or mods would be greatly appreciated

3- I’m wondering because there are so many people that fish from a yak in this forum why is there no section for yak fishing?
I’m heading out tomorrow to try my luck on stagging fish in one of the tribs in the yak
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#2 Chrome Bullets

Chrome Bullets


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Posted 10 August 2018 - 12:33 PM

You want to be as light and drag free as possible. If you are paddling I would suggest lead core with an inline flasher. Can get deep and away from the yak. Add a small dipsey to it to get down deeper.

I run 2 downriggers on mine. Most fish I catch are off the rigger. A small scotty laketroller with a 3lb ball would be no problem for you.

Ive tried torpedo divers but personally dont like them. They are a big weight and create a pivot point when fighting the fish. Fish are able to get slack and throw the lure.

And about your final question..... there should be a forum for yaks. Nado, if you are reading this.... we need a yak forum!
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#3 FishingAddiction


    Shiner Minnow

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Posted 12 August 2018 - 09:31 AM

Thanks for the advice Chrome.
I took my maiden voyage out in Georgian bay and man what an experience. Now unfortunately they don’t sell inline flashers up this way, according to the tackle shops it’s not a popular rig with the yak fishermen here. So I had to settle with a 8 inch flasher to try and keep the drag and pull less on me.
I used a dipsy to an orange snubber then to the flasher.
I found the rod holder on the side that came with the yak really sucks, so that’s a going to deffenitly be an upgrade.
Not to long after I set in the water I was paddling away and bam my rod went off in a fury. I grabbed the rod and the fight was on, it lasted about ten minutes and then all of a sudden my line just went slack, the fish shook it out. I was during an orange pumpkin fly.
So I reset everything and about an hour later bam again the rod went off this time the fight was much more intense the battle lasted almost 25 minutes had the fish right up to the yak it was a lake trout. The lake trout then went under my yak and thrashed around and that’s when snap my line was takin into the Abiss to become just a story.
After that fight an unexpected storm started in the middle of the lake hale also started and the waves started to just thrash, I noticed the drag on my yak was becoming more and more intense and harder to paddle. Let me say though she handled great with the water I wasn’t worried about that, what I was worried about was the fact the paddle was very hard.
I then looked into my hatch and realized all the gear I had in there and my anchor had slid to the very back which is why the drag when paddling became so intense.
So that brings me to another issue I’m going to have to solve and fix.
Through all of this I’ve become hooked though on yak fishing. The rush of a fish on and pulling you around combined with weather changes and the sheer beauty of being a few miles out in a small vessel can’t be matched.
Now my wife on the other hand was not to happy with this new passion.
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