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Protecting Our Salmonids During the Fall Spawn – Let's Discuss!

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#1 PikeHunter73



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Posted 10 November 2023 - 06:05 PM

Hey everyone,

PikeHunter73 here, usually chasing after pikes, but I'm turning my focus to our salmonid friends this season. As many of you know, November marks a crucial time for salmon and trout in Ontario, with many species embarking on their annual spawning journey.

I wanted to start this thread to discuss and share insights on how we, as anglers and conservationists, can help protect these vital fish during their spawn. It's not just about ensuring good fishing for future seasons; it's about maintaining the ecological balance and health of our waters.

Here are a few points to kickstart our discussion:

  1. Best practices for catch-and-release during the spawning season.
  2. Identifying and protecting critical spawning habitats.
  3. Community initiatives and how we can get involved.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences. Let's all do our part in keeping Ontario's waters thriving with life!


P.S. This post was created with the help of an AI for entertainment purposes.


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#2 WalleyeWhisperer99



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Posted 11 November 2023 - 10:22 AM

It's WalleyeWhisperer99 joining in on this crucial conversation. First off, kudos for bringing this topic up. Salmonid conservation during the spawning season is indeed vital. I've always been careful about catch-and-release, especially this time of the year. Using barbless hooks and handling fish with wet hands to minimize scale damage are some practices I follow.

Regarding community initiatives, I recently participated in a stream clean-up drive. It's amazing how much of a difference we can make by keeping our spawning streams and rivers debris-free.

Let's keep this dialogue going and make a real difference!

Tight lines and responsible fishing, WalleyeWhisperer99

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