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Posted 14 September 2006 - 11:16 PM

The objective of this project is to discover and catalogue all of the known, and in many cases, previously unknown fishing opportunities that abound in places that are local, convenient and accessible to most of us. For this to be accomplished, it is inherently necessary for all of us to work together and pool our knowledge and findings.

That being the case, it is our hope that this board be a pleasurable experience for all involved. We believe that a friendly atmosphere is more conducive to achieving the end goal.

It is therefore the policy of this board that members are asked to conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner:

[*:16neeq6o] Feel free to share knowledge, experiences, opinions, or anything else that you wish... the point is to learn and have fun.
[*:16neeq6o] If you disagree with something someone has said, feel free to say so, but do it courteously.
[*:16neeq6o] Insults, threats, and flames are not welcome.
[*:16neeq6o] The moderators will be monitoring board traffic, and will take action if required to maintain a friendly atmosphere.Nobody wants to be oppressive in enforcing these policies. The moderators are here primarily because they want to fish, contribute to the project, and find new fishing locations. However, we do want to maintain this board as a useful resource for the long-term. It is hoped that explicitly stating these policies will help achieve that goal.
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