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#234257 A tip for timing the salmon runs for the noobs

Posted by MikeyMikey on 16 August 2012 - 08:31 PM

no more reading, give us the coloring book!
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#216343 2011 Pier fishing talk...

Posted by MikeyMikey on 22 September 2011 - 09:05 PM

Interesting. The distance of a few rocks won't make much of a difference at piers.

There are lame people lacking fishing etiquette.
Oh well... I guess we just gotta tell'em to f* off ;p
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#215829 How to fish at the mouth of creek?

Posted by MikeyMikey on 13 September 2011 - 02:35 PM

Will Jointed Rapala's actually catch Salmon? Does the water need to be calm or will they work in faster moving waters as well? Might have to hit my local backyard creek and try.


Jointed works really well. When fished at river mouth... it will usually catch the BIGGER fish.
Condition don't matter too much.

You can use it in the river pool aswell. If you see salmon in a pool,,, just cast'em out and hold in a pool in there is a flow, if not do a slow retreive.
Smaller size jointed is fine for rivers.

at piers everybody use J13.
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#215223 Port Credit: Salmon “pier” fishing tips for noobs

Posted by MikeyMikey on 31 August 2011 - 05:58 PM

I've been telling you guys, if you are just gonna use glow in dark cleos... Those do not need any special light other than any typical flash light. Now if you have one of those Moonshine glow in dark you would either want a camera flash or a good powerful uv/black light.
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#204219 Port Credit: Salmon “pier” fishing tips for noobs

Posted by MikeyMikey on 31 August 2010 - 02:50 PM

My personal thought...

Yes you are free to fish anywhere you want but I couldn't bottom fishers just go little bit up to the river and fish there? and not let out a line from the pier and seat back? I am not saying you can't catch anything but do you not think that you'll have a higher chance of hook up by the river than a wide open area?

But like I've said, you are welcome to fish any where you wish.
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#204190 Port Credit: Salmon “pier” fishing tips for noobs

Posted by MikeyMikey on 30 August 2010 - 06:59 PM

Excellent informations.

My personal experience tells me that J13's usually catch larger fish.

Also, glow in dark cleos are the weakest glow there is, therefore I found that it does not require a camera flash or anything fancy. Simple flash light (brighter led is still preffered) supply more than enough lights to glow those cleos.
Also, don't forget that you are charging the glow in dark lures with light, not zapping them instantly with lights. So give it a 5~10seconds of charge.

Also, once the sun light is out using a fluro~ leader may help. (I've caught with direct braid line but leader may! help).

Finally, maybe you can edit the original post regarding your rod selections with informations on rod power rating & action rating? I see a lot of people with noodle rods trying to cast lure weight that is out of range for rod in use.

Final, finally~ PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN LARGE ENOUGH, LONG ENOUGH HANDLED NET! I seee some bring a net that is won't even fit a fish in the net + handle that is like 2ft long only. Come on, are you serious? Do you not understand that you can not safely net a fish from most of the piers? Especially like Credit where it's all rocks? It's not easy even on calm water but with waves.... I hope you never hook up a fish because I don't want to see anyone fall into the water and/or get injured.
Now to those that don't even bother bringing a net. WHY? Do you have a issue with carrying a net? Are you too cheap? Can't afford to spend $40 for a net? Seriously, why do you not have a net?!!!
I used to not have a problem with lending my net to net a fish but after seeing some random bad manner idiots that would grab my net first than ask if they can use it... I would really have loved to say #(%*&#)( NO! to them but... wouldn't really want to look like a cheap bastard like them too. Oh yeah, even more worse is those that do not understand that you can not lift a fish horizontally with a net... or some not heavy duty nets will bend/break.
Also, if you do use others net, please wash the damned slime off the netting and bring it back?

So one habit I develped is that, I do not actively try to help and net a fish for those without net anyore. I just ignore them but those #()%$*#) always tries to land a fish next to those with nets. Not cool. very not cool.

Please, don't be a cheap bastard and bring your own net. (One of a must have fishing gear!, please add to original post). Phew~ I feel better now.
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