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In Topic: General Salmon and trout fishing questions for beginners

13 September 2010 - 08:11 PM

Hello guys,
I wonder if it is allowed to follow the salmon through their migration in the credit river to fish them. What about about fishing at the Norval Dam as Rapa Boy mentioned if that's where they heading to?


In Topic: Smallmouth bass good techniques for you!!

03 September 2010 - 12:58 PM

Although I appreciate Reelingit.... post, I must admit with rcflores, that nothing beats worms and leeches. I've never been able to catch anything with "plastic". May be I am just not good enough but it does not work for me.


In Topic: Port Credit: Salmon “pier” fishing tips for noobs

02 September 2010 - 03:00 PM

Hello everybody,
excellent post from Openfire and all the contributors. It answers most of the questions I was about to ask. It still have a few open questions though! The post only covered fishing from the shore line and I hope some of the regular or new contributors who also fish from small boats or fishing kayaks (As I read in a previous post from Rapala Boy) will bring me some answers. I am asking this as I've just bought a really nice inflatable boat. Do you think fishing from my inflatable would give me better odds to landing a Salmon? Openfire mentioned, that fishing from shore, you wait for the fish to come to you; may be with a boat (inflatable in my case) one could go to the fish!!! In the case I fish from a boat, can I do it at Port Credit? If not, where can I go and what should I think of?
My other concern is: I almost could never land a fish with lures (spoons or plastic worms or similar). Is it just a matter of casting and retrieving the line? Or are there some movements I should be doing while retrieving the line to have the fish to strike? Hope I am not asking dumb questions.
When salmon are in casting range; in how deep of water would they swim? If not too deep, wouldn't it then make sense to use a floater to prevent the spoon or the hook to be caught in the rocks or weeds? And btw how weedy is it at port credit? I've never been there before, but am planning to go there at least twice during this long week-end.

happy Labour day


In Topic: 2009-2010 Guide to Eating Ontario Sport Fish

28 August 2010 - 08:31 PM

did not see those ones. What do you suggest? Should I delete the post? Thank you anyway Joel.


In Topic: 2009-2010 Guide to Eating Ontario Sport Fish

28 August 2010 - 07:59 PM

As I know that just like me, there are many people out there who fish for the fun of fishing but also for the taste of the fish in their mouth, this guide (http://www.ene.gov.o...guide/index.php) from the ministry of environment might be interesting to take a look at. While I heard many contradictory stories about eating or not eating fish from lake Ontario, especially Salmon, Trout or Carp which can get pretty big (and store some heavy metal and toxin in their tissues), It looks like you can eat them but don't just make it your daily diet.
This is my first contribution to this forum, that has provided me with so much infos already.