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#342641 Anyone wants to fish the niagara river and Port Delhousie?

Posted by fishfight on 17 November 2017 - 03:10 PM

This was my PM email to Ronnie TO, I hope it helps others as well:


Never leave items visible in the car during a fishing time, Niagara fishing area is prone to car vandalism in the past. So I bring extra collapsible fishing rod with reel as a back up equipment, hidden in the trunk space.just in case something goes wrong with my main fishing equipment, to not ruin my long driving fishing trip . During past salmon season fishing at a pier, one fellow broke his long rod after fighting with a salmon within the first 10 minute of his arrival, and curse the **** word 10 times or more, non stop, his other two friend landed 5 more fish within that half an hour of fishing frenzy. Funny was he landed another fish using his half broken rod section.   


Google fishing location, Anglers Atlas is one I used that helped my other US fishing trip, also email US local fishing board, etc.many were helpful when I inquired. Plan and research before you go across. I always fish in USA state all the way to Florida on my vacation, occasionally stop along the way on specific location if necessary, but all planned trip. I do decent and catch fish, but I do tons of research for potential spot, otherwise, a big waste of time wetting my line blindly. Check Water clarity issue after a rainfall, then wind direction, they are all important for trout fishing. Olcott pier or  Oak orchard pier also good fishing now and no hiking. North windy conditions are bad to these areas. Salmon river, Syracuse, was the best salmon and trout fishing spot in USA, but it gets crowded. Rochester have some good fishing spot as well. Some US state allow anglers to fish on their river dam. Burt's dam near lockport NY, is one of them, but anglers fishing close to one another. At Rochester high fall downtown is another one. 


Detroit and Frankenmuth, have excellent Museum and history, one of our best place to travel so far, safe to stay, and inexpensive branded motel, near Henry ford musuem, Dearborn MI. For Bank of america card holder,  Free museum entrance on every first weekend of the month. I will use AirBnB this time to stay. even cheaper.  Detroit river has some good shore spot for walleye fishing. Easy to apply for a CC at BOM, I believe BOM has a TOronto branch. The advantage of having  USA CREDIT CARD, and Us mailbox address, i can punch in the zipcode when I get gas, I also want to establish some credit history, in case I want to buy a inexpensive property in Florida. some condo or houses, cost only under $100,000. RBC here has US credit card , so we can apply for a  US credit card for establishing US credit history, RBC has branches in florida, but the US Credit card has a minimal yearly fee. 


I have flexible work hours, so I plan my trip around fishing condition in buffalo, window shopping with my wife is always the major event. I never go across black Friday, chaos human traffic condition over there and the border crossing can be up to two hours wait. We are normally at the border before 8am avoiding the change of the custom guard time ,which creates some more delay.  It is my wife birthday month, free to dine in many restaurant in US states. I am going with Corsara again to fish niagara when conditions permits. Then I will  go again with my wife after the black friday week sale. My wife and I will probably stay overnight this time. Traders Joe, specialty food store is one of her favorite place to shop. For me it is just Dollar tree! I buy lots of craft material from dollar store, such as nail polish, glue, yarn material, etc... to improvised to tie streamers. Burlington and TJmaxx, Ollies, harbour freight, DicKs sporting and Big lot are all stores we normally go to look, lots of digging around just to find a deal! . Ollies bargain outlet has some fishing stuff during the season.BLVD mall area are way cheaper than Galleria Mall, so we avoid Galleria mall stores all the time. Too pricey for us. Except another Ollies bargain outlet , Cabelas and Dicks sporting store(just to browse these two), Michaels and Burlington coat factory, all near Galleria Mall. Ollies send me 15% coupon via email all the time, they do  have good deal stuff. Michaels craft store has 40% off coupons, I buy the beads,acrylic paint, feathers, yarn, and shoe goo flexible glue, the best all round glue Imo. Michael's craft CA store here are way too expensive. 


If you buy truck accessories, then  get them installed across the border, custom will never know what was added to your truck. I buy tires there installed if I need them. The more people inside your car when going across, the more import allowance, and less likely Custom charge HST. They are actually very lenient. just avoid buying electronics, you will be taxed if you buy above your import allowance. The most I spent going by myself ,was under $100 for 6 hrs across and never got charge HST taxes, especially when I say I went over to fish. Many male Custom officer  on both borders, loves fishing. A US custom officer wanted to see my improvised lure once and asked me where to fish. In spite of long line up of cars waiting behind me, he took his time to chat about fishing.  Many officer are fed up of hearing Torontonians, especially new Immigrant going across to just shop , So when I say I am going fishing or bowling or visit museum ,they get to hear something different, I am also a good bowler, cost less then a Dollar per game to Bowl in most US states. I bought a bowling ball once,costing $80 coming across and declared it, The custom officer baffled and said..........." A BOWLING BALL?" Just last Feb winter months, I bought a used great deal Tennis ball machine off Craiglist buffalo. No taxed even if it was $120US .They cost close to $1000 here. Extremely hard to find used in GTA. Many wanted them, the lowest price I saw was around $350 and gone the same morning it was posted off Kijiji.


I am in a hunt for a new or used Fishfinder with Chirp, sonar and downscan imaging features. no hurry to use till spring, but I open up my buying pick up location including NY ,Ohio, PA and Mi neighboring state. Whatever savings I can get , I will spend them on my wife , for being with me to go across to get them. 


Military naval park in buffalo is impressive, Two WW2 battle ship plus a small submarine, a 3 hour or more to enjoy it . Get Groupon coupons for excellent deal at $13 for two. NIagara CA side have special hotel deals now, at US$49 wyndham hotel stay with some extra dinner voucher coupon .  Watch out for niagara CA side extra hidden tourist fees, unknowing to most tourist, the fees exist on many niagara tourist retail establishment , restaurant and hotels, they just illegally pocket the money. The fees range from 4-8% extra, hotel parking there is $10-15 per day. Call to inquire if they charge and tourist Niagara restoration fees or you wish to decline to pay it or  go elsewhere  that do not charge the fees. Upper niagara shore fishing spot, with no hike, close to peace bridge are known for walleye,........ shoreline accessible.


There is a company in Mississuaga called Crossborder pickup, they pick up package across the border for $9 per package plus whatever HSt on top. You still have to pay your US address mailbox fee. Other extra fees you need to pay, if delivered to your home address.


My wife and I go across from 6 to 10 times a year. In 25 years of shopping across the border, we got charge HST only twice.  I buy many things I need from ebay, amazon US , Walmart on line, harbour freight ,etc  But I plan my trip ahead all the time. Car parts from autozone or ebay , Amazon.com, walmart.com. can be cheaper. I always do comparative shopping. Even with the currency exchange, every prices here have been getting higher.  I ship many of my online purchases to the motel where I will be staying, very safe to do that, since many of their guest were businessman, so the motel are used to receiving packages.  this will ensure the motel gets my business in return. No need the US mailbox address.  


I used the American Mailbox at 265 main street niagara falls  14303 , just 5 minutes across rainbow bridge, they charges $4 per package(price just went up), and no time limit. I used the address to acquire Bank of america credit card and Sam's club card. Chris Chirello is the owner, a one man operation. I used them in years. Another Mailbox company is across lewiston bridge, the mailbox and crossing the bridge gets the  busiest among the three bridge or other mailbox address. They are all good companies and get busier this time of the year. 


Hope my info help others!  Joshua

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#342631 Anyone wants to fish the niagara river and Port Delhousie?

Posted by fishfight on 15 November 2017 - 02:09 AM

At this time of the year,  after water recedes at its lowest possible level., lots of snagged lures will be revealed and get un-snag for free. Many lures got snagged during past Salmon season, these hidden treasure can only be revealed once water recedes.  The Niagara city normally cuts down on the amount of water being release from Nov 1, to April 30. after tourist season slows down. With few exception on Christmas week ,and other special holidays, water level goes back higher again , so Niagara falls will be impressive the way it should be.


I was greedy trying to retrieve a crank bait out off a rock, that was when I slipped and one of my foot accidentally slip on the slippery  mossy rock, water went inside my boots,and my foot got wet. I was glad Corsara  brought a small plastic bag and a spare pair of socks, Then he suggested that I  improvised and use them, so I took my wet socks and shoe insole out to dry, then put his dry socks on first, wrapped my dry foot with the plastic bag before I put on my wet boot. My foot got so used to being dry and was warm, I could not tell the difference, and forgotten about my wet boot issue all the time and fished till 7pm at night.  I have never got wet in 20 years I fished there. Always some new experience as always. so bringing an extra pair of socks and small garbage bag is not a bad idea, or wear my waders on my next trip. The problem with wearing waders, our body gets very hot from having to hike back up the trail. Something new I learned from Corsara. Some items might be insignificant to bring at times to our fishing trip, but when we need them during an emergency situation, we definitely appreciate that we have them, 


I did not get any hits that morning, but I got 5 cleo spoon, one 8 inch long Rapala deep diving crankbait, few heavy 3 oz lead weights. One huge 3" x 2" long big treble hook (what was the guy trying to catch- a shark?)  and couple of swim-bait. I lost one jighead on grub that morning, and a wet boot to wear..... Not a bad trade off! Corsara also found few lures. 


From 6:30am-11:00am- We Fished Niagara river. Parking lot was already packed by 6:30am to my surprise. Probably due to rain days before, where most anglers only  came on sunday instead. Temp was 6 degrees with 9km wind. water was 5' visibility. Current level was higher then normal after we got there, water level only started to go down after 10am. But never at its lowest normal level during this time of the year, since water level of lake ontario is 3-4 ft higher this year . It should be consistent low level by now, It was also veterans day the day before, so the city released some water again to impress tourist. I lost two eastern tribe fishable spot this past salmon fishing season due to water being higher then normal.  


Roughly 30 anglers were already fishing, not a lot of good prime fishable choice spot left when we got there. Most were float fishing either with roe or streamers. I have to take turns timing to cast my heavy spoon further away, while the guy beside me was float fishing closer to the shoreline.  No tangle between us even ones. The guy witness Corsara lost his two fish and smiled during that  frenzy moment . Before they quit by 10am, they walked pass by Corsara to advice him to just take his time and not be overly excited next time. I wanted to give Corsara some advice at first, before he hooked up those two fish, then I told him I learned something new that day. Corsra was retrieving so fast, I was surprise both aggressive  fish wanted his crankbait,  Fish wanted his fast retrieve on the 6 inch yellow colored crankbait. Two main reason, the fish were not hooked properly, the crankbait hooks were not sharp , then the retrieve was just a touch too fast, two more seconds of short pause and it would have given the fish enough time to chum on the lure further and gotten  hook better. 



I only witness 5 total steelhead  landed as far as I could see. Many anglers left before 11am. while other new batch of anglers  came to replace them. Few more steelhead and a salmon surface right about 11am, just when we were about to leave. A new guy who just came to fished beside us, ( claimed to be a bass tournament angler,) said he also lost a fish, when we check his jig on grub, and I insisted that the hook was un-sharp, which I end up sharpening for him anyway, but I doubted that he was a tournament angler, not knowing how to test a hook for sharpness, and  fishing with un-sharp hooks. The proper way to test a hook sharpness is to slide the pointed area of the hook  on top of our Thumbnail, in a 45 degrees angle, with minimal force. If the hook does not slide, It is sharp, if it slides, it is not sharp enough. By mere touching the pointed surface with our finger, this is not sufficient to indicate the hook  sharpness.


Since we fished the prime time period, and did not land any fish. I knew the fish were not as aggressively biting that morning  stage, so time to regroup and fished elsewhere.


From 12:00-2:30pm- We went across the US border to pick up two of my ebay purchases that I had them shipped to a niagara falls US mail box address weeks before. Then we visited the Schoellopf Power Station (SPS)  and the New York Power Authority platform in lewiston for future potential fishing trip. Only 3 guys were fishing at NYPA, SPS was close for the season, but we were able to get down the elevator to enjoy the scenery and checked potential fishing spot. The current was super strong at NYPA. One guy said there were lots of salmon just two weeks ago. That was my original plan before I posted my request to find someone else to go ,and fish the salmon run. But with no visible fish to date, potential of snagging, It would be hard to control lure action was my observation, since current coming off the power plant were so strong, The guy who was float fishing, his float was going around in a circle and fast. I did not see any fish surface within the short time we were there. I also wanted to visit the free museum and go fish Olcott pier soon, since I heard trout started to be caught at the pier.  It was Free to fish US side during Veterans day! Unfortunately, we miss it by a day. To fish the NYPA platform, we need a long net extension due to the height of the ledge. But other shoreline areas close to the platform were fishable, with free Parking. NYPA platform will be close by Dec. 1, but not the shoreline area, having short well constructed stairway to walk down, and minimal hike. NY fishing license is US$10 a day or US$50 for the entire 365 days.


We had lunch at burger King  close to the outlet, using the special survey code on the back of the receipt. We got whopper , fries and coffee for $3. US BK whopper and fries, all seemed to be  bigger in size then our Canadian BK version. Many of US fast food burger joints have dollar menu and all were bigger in portion compared to what we have here in canada. McCafe Specialty coffee started on monday, sold on the canadian side, will be $1 only, 8 inch tall big cup. However,  US side McCafe does not taste as good as GTA MCdo Coffee. 


3:15-3:30pm- After 30mins of time going through the custom border crossing and inspection station, yet not having to pay any HST taxes on a US$50 purchase, we went to a Niagara boat launch to check the area out. Water there was somewhat murky to my surprise, two guys were fishing there, bottom bouncing with roe. I saw only one fish surfaced within that short period.


4:30-6:30pm., We went and fished  St Catherines area, water level has dropped at least one meter lower that its height during springtime,  one area was closed off until recently, the water level was overflowing all the way to the walkway back in spring. Water visibility was only couple feet that afternoon, hardly any wind. The current flow was not as strong as it should be. 15 anglers were fishing and I only saw one fish landed, but fish were surfacing in front of us at times, even few salmon were still there. One salmon, close to the dam area jumped 4 times to my surprise. but too far from our casting distance. A BC visitor to the area said he landed a 10lb trout two days ago bottom bouncing using three way swivel with white grub on jighead.. 


We have decided to stop fishing by 6:30pm to head back home, due to work the next day. If it was spring time, I would have head off to another area and fished for carp till 11pm , before my fishing day is really ....., really ......over.  Just when we left st Catherines area, rain started to come down. Our timing was just right to not having to be wet on a skunk day.


I told Corsara it was just a fact finding day during our first trip this season, to further familiarized water level height, I was not sure if other shoreline fish-able spot might also be submerge , so I was not confident enough to venture to another area of the river when it was still semi dark before daylight, and to feel the crowded fishing spot on a warm Sunday. It would be a waste of time to go to some spot, when lots of cars were already at the parking lot that morning, just to realize the known prime shoreline spot were already taken or submerge underwater. So we need to be there even earlier if we want those prime fish-able spot. 


Water temp was still at 55 degrees, trout fishing also gets better when water temp drops under 50 degrees. Since Corsara had two potential catch within that pre-existing condition, What else was my excuses for not catching one that day?    

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#342609 Anyone wants to fish the niagara river and Port Delhousie?

Posted by fishfight on 11 November 2017 - 08:54 PM

Thanks for couple of you that responded. Looking forward to having a nice time fishing with you guys on sunday, and exchanging stories. Joshua

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#342554 Anyone wants to fish the niagara river and Port Delhousie?

Posted by fishfight on 03 November 2017 - 03:28 PM

If anyone from Toronto area wanted to carpool, split gas expense, and fish Niagara river system or Port Delhousie during winter months. Let me know. Both  area seldom  freeze over. Only occasional  thin ice layer drifting on the surface, when winter is in full force around February months. Otherwise no issue casting hardware most of the time. 


You can float fish or cast lures, or bottom bounce, depending on the area. Fish are not as spooked as most smaller river system.  


I live close to finch subway station, North York area.  so I can pick you up along the way, or we can meet up. 


It does not get too windy down at the gorge even at 25km/hr. The only issue we have to worry about is overly stained water condition after a strong SW wind 1- 2 days before our trip. Water clarity issue is somewhat predictable from satellite imagery of  lake Erie. During sunny conditions, it is more visible to know if the strong wind had created stained water flowing to Niagara river. I have caught fish using artificial even if water was 2ft visibility. https://coastwatch.g...region=e&page=1


I also fish Port hope, Bowmanville, duffin creek, and other eastern tribe area. 


Now is a good time to try Niagara river area. There might still be some salmon there, and trout fishing just about to heat up. I have Flexible schedule. 


Joshua................ PM me.

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#342132 Oshawa pier close due to fisherman found Body parts

Posted by fishfight on 29 September 2017 - 03:44 PM

OSHAWA Pier is close by 10pm, All fisherman turned away by local security guard. Is Oshawa getting worse?




I had a mishap before I got to Oshawa pier. At 9:45pm on simcoe road on my way to the pier. I saw two teenagers pretended to play on the road, so I slowed down, just when I was about to pass them, one of them use some kind of weapon, smash and broke my side view mirror. I made a U turn and tried to chase after them to no luck, as they hid on some residential area on the side road called Kawarthas road/meadowvale street. I reported the incident to the police.

After being distraught of the mishap, and had dealt with the police, by close to 10;30pm, I went towards the pier and was disappointed to not being able to fish it, as the security guard told me the area was close by 10pm till further notice. Two others anglers showed up and we all were unhappy wasted our gas and time, going there, realizing it will be close after 10pm.


By 11:00pm., I drove back to the street where my mishap took place, wishfully thinking I might be able to find those prankster. To no luck! Then I saw and spoke to a couple walking their dog within that block. They said they notice two burglers tried to enter their garage few nights, ago. The fellow woke up, went out, turned on his light, then saw the two guys ran away. The burlger seemed to be over 40 years old, as he recalled. 


During my reporting incident with Police, they  told me no murders happened so far in Oshawa, area just had burglary and car thief incident.

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#336694 The future of the ganny may be in question!

Posted by fishfight on 29 September 2016 - 01:24 PM


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#327347 Port Hope Says Enough is Enough

Posted by fishfight on 07 October 2015 - 01:45 AM

Catch and Release would be a good option to start.......Ban the use of Roe during limited time is another option. This will weed out any reason we have in harvesting a Male or female fish, even if we only need one or two female fish per season; or for personal consumption; or to give to a friend or a cat; or need roe for future bait; or our personal rights of taking few fish home since we own the sport fishing license. 


I have witness female fish get slit for its roe to be used to fish for the day with float fishing technique, then the empty body was left expose to direct sunlight for 4 hours long. When I confronted the person, they still insisted that they will take the fish home to consume the fish for dinner. Then the person brag about 10 fish so far had been landed that day. The person is not only unethical, but he also indirectly promotes to novice anglers that using fresh roe skein is the most potent way to get a bunch of fish.  I told the person ............." You sound Canadian, but you do not act like one". One reason Canada used to be the best place to live, because our forefathers respected and valued conservation. Now those who still believe in conservation are out-numbered. Many kawartha's lake are tougher to fish these days for the same reason of over harvesting by so many new comer to the sport. 


There use to be thousand fish per one angler fishing port hope, that was back 20 years ago, so harvesting a female for its roe, or leaving some garbage here and there is still not too bad. Nowadays, there are many times more angler who wanted to take a female/male fish home, and less fish these days compared to 20 years ago, and 10 times more garbage left behind.  If we do the math...........for every female fish we are entitled to keep per day, and we fish the area just once or twice a week, then there are 100 of us who are entitled to a female fish for whatever reason. Can the area sustain the amount of harvest per season in the long run? Then more and more people fishing for salmon every year, since they assume the meat is worth many times more than their gas money spent. We are all entitled for whatever reason, since we paid for a fishing license, gas money , equipment, support the local businesses., etc....


Same as garbage being littered on many popular fishing spot everywhere, the worse is fishing line scattered on the ground, causing potential hazard. Once we see garbage around an area, we become desensitized, and feel less guilty if another garbage get left in the same spot by accident. Resulting in Anglers having a bad reputation for littering. 


I used yarn + homemade scent + marshmallow combo if I coarse fish for salmon, the bait  might not be as effective compared to fresh Skein roe, so while waiting for any action and to minimize boredom, I spent sometime cleaning the area since I have surgical gloves always handy, but the same time having a watchful eye on my rod tip to not lose my rod. Sometimes, my set up with the scented yarn can compete against any roe being used by other anglers around me. But most fish I had landed every season were by casting with lures . All fish were catch and release! Fish also need to be revived properly was my concern. After torpedo/dropping the fish on the water, i noticed many fish just floated away or sank to the bottom after photos were taken by other on their catch. That practice used to work when water temp and weather were cold during salmon season. but not for the past 5 years when weather were warmer these days compared to 10 years ago. I had to use my net to revive the fish first , then take them back up again since their mouth might be stuck on the net, before releasing them back to the water. I also either forget about taking photos of me holding the fish, or just take them while the fish was still on the ground and inside the net, not a priority to grab the fish for a perfect pose these days. All necessary sacrifices to ensure the survival of the fish for future regeneration.


We humans will invent more potent bait scent that will out perform fresh kill skein off a female, if roe will be banned. I salute those who uses beads or streamers during trout season, That means the angler really outsmarted the fish , and not the other way around.


If they close Port Hope down, many of us who fish for conservation purposes  will be affected the most, but for the sake of overall right thing for the environment and for the good of the sport and the species, I just have to accept whatever measure Port Hope city must do. We just have to find alternative solution or location.........., and if there is a will , there will always be a way. We have enough memories to tell the future generation, that Port Hope Fishing used to be great, until.................................. 

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#297323 Trout's Color Vision-Interesting Read!

Posted by fishfight on 13 December 2013 - 12:02 PM

White color is the most visible color that trout can see from a far distance. 


Red color becomes even more intense when trout is close by. 


Black - color most visible before Dawn and Dusk  time period.


Fluorescent Red, Orange and yellow are most visible colors on tainted waters on a sunny day.


Black and White- all other color a Trout can sees at night will fall either white or black..


Trout can sees all colors on short range.  


Here is the article: I cut and paste it from another site.


Do trout have color vision?
How does their perception of color differ from the human perception?
Does their environment affect their perception of color?
How does this information get used when selecting and presenting lures?


Human Eyes:

In order to understand how colors are perceived by trout, we must first understand how color is seen by us humans. Color is a physiological effect which is a sensation that occurs as the brain responds to neural signals arriving from the retina of the eye. The retina has "rods" and "cones" that are two types of receptors. The rods register the presence of light in black and white (monochrome) while the cones register the colors. Note that there is no such thing as colored light, but only light of different wavelengths.

There are three sub-types of cone receptors in the retina of the human eye. Each interprets a different wavelength and sends its own signal to the brain: red, green, or blue. This is the same way the RGB leads feed color to a computer display. Combinations of these signals offer variations of the complete spectrum of colors. We see a rainbow as a graduation of colors because the wavelengths overlap. The ratio of these signal strengths determine the shade of color.

Each object has some chemical characteristics that absorb most wavelengths of visible light and reflect only a narrow band. This narrow band is perceived as color by the mechanism of the eye. Remember, we are not seeing a colored object, but an object that reflects light in different wavelengths.

The three types of cones in the human eye each contain a photo-sensitive pigment that has the capacity to absorb a range of light wavelengths. Each cone is characterized by the wavelength at which maximum or peak absorption occurs. The three are as follows:
erythrolabe; peak absorption at 565nm; red
chlorolabe; peak absorption at 535nm; green
cyanolabe; peak absorption at 440nm; blue
Light wavelength is measured in nanometers and the visible spectrum ranges from 700nm (red) to 400nm (blue-violet).

Trout Eyes:
Trout, on the other hand, have four receptors, and the four peaks are 600nm, 535nm, 440nm, 355nm.
The second and third conform to the green and blue cones in humans. The first is similar to the human red, but its sensitivity range includes longer wavelengths than humans. The fourth is outside the band of wavelengths visible to humans and is referred to as "ultra-violet". However, the fourth class of cones disappears by the time a trout is two years old.

It is thought the small fauna which feeds the immature trout, reflects the UV radiation and therefore the small fauna are more visible to the trout. It is also suggested that UV cones reappear annually in mature trout in time for spawning runs. It is also speculated that these UV cones are used to track polarized light as a means of navigating to the spawning locations.

It is interesting to note that the long wave (red) cone response of the trout is peaked at a point where the human’s response of the "red" receptor is diminishing. This means that where humans see a dark reddish color, the trout sees a much brighter color and in a lower visible light condition. Researchers tell us that the trout's ability to discern small differences in shade is highest in blue, second but much lower in red and lowest in green. Therefore shades of green will be less important than the contrast of the body or thorax.

Trout Environment:
Although trout have color vision similar to humans, there are major differences due to the available light in their environment. Their vision is limited by the quality of light which enters the underwater world. The advantage of their 4-cone system can be realized only if the full spectrum of sunlight from infra-red to ultraviolet is available to them.

In clear water, the short blue to ultraviolet wavelengths are dispersed causing the background appear blue. This is what occurs in the atmosphere causing the sky to appear blue and even bluer over water. Therefore when a trout sees the shiny scales of a fish, the image of the fish is blurred at short distances and invisible at longer distances.

Directional sunlight passing through water will tend toward red and becoming redder with increased distance just as it does in the atmosphere at sunrise and sunset. Hence, the old adage “Red at nite, sailors take delight, red at morning, sailors take warning”. However, water absorbs long light wavelengths; therefore, the energy of the longer wavelengths, corresponding to the red end of the spectrum, is absorbed and converted to heat. At longer range, the absorption of the long wavelengths and blurring of the image due to scattering become significant. For example, a red object seen through 12 feet of water has no wavelengths and will appear black. Note that the reflection of light diminishes very quickly as distance increases, so at 6 feet, there may be very little color perceived. Near the surface, reached by the full sun, at close range, it is reflected brighter red than seen by humans.

However if the object is white and capable of reflecting all incident wavelengths, it would remain visible at longer ranges. So what! The flash of mirror like reflection from a shiny surface such as tinsel or the scales of a fish will be seen over a much greater distance than body color of your fly.

It is clear that trout do indeed have the mechanism for full color vision and in a somewhat wider range as well. Red is brighter to the trout but the color diminishes quickly with distance while white will be visible over greater distances. Impurities in the water make color less important but white will be seen more readily. Water impurities, like minerals or staining, can selectively filter out various wavelengths of light. These impurities tend to remove the ultraviolet and blue wavelengths in a short distance and allow long wavelengths to penetrate the farthest but again not as far as clear water. To summarize, the color vision of the trout is limited to relatively clear, shallow water and at short distances.

What about fluorescent colors?
Fluorescence occurs where a surface has the property of absorbing ultraviolet radiation and converting its energy to be reflected as a lower wavelength within the visible range of the eye. This converted reflection is added to the reflection of normally visible light wavelengths, causing it to appear more intense than one would expect to be possible. Divers have noted that in tainted water fluorescent red, orange, and yellow are the most visible, and in clear water any fluorescent paint will do. At long distances or in deeper water, fluorescent yellow and green are more visible. Note that UV penetrates deeper than the visible blue wavelengths, so all fluorescent colors are visible to the UV limit, which is beyond the depth at which their natural color becomes invisible.

Effects of Low Light:
However, in tea stained water often found in trout streams, the opposite is true. The UV wavelengths are filtered out first, but the distance affecting the red wavelengths is not affected by the stained water. Therefore, fluorescence is useless in stained water a short distance below the surface. However, near the surface where it receives UV rays, the red and orange fluorescence will be visible at a greater distance than the shorter wavelength colors of blue and green.

An important feature of the trout's vision is that the rods and cones physically swap places at the start and end of daylight. In the evening the cones that need high light levels to operate and that provide the color response are withdrawn into the surface of the retina and the rods tend to rule. At dawn the reverse action occurs. This change is not instantaneous, but occurs over a period of time. Therefore, as night approaches, the color response in trout diminishes until at night a trout has no color response at all. Under these conditions, black and white is likely to be the most effective combination. Tinsel may have some value if the moonlight is significant.

1. Trout do indeed have color vision, but it is limited to relatively clear, shallow, water and short distances, so at close range, the trout can see the full detail of color.
2. Trout can discern differences in shades with the highest in blue, then red and then green shades.
3. The color red appears brighter than it does to humans, but quickly becomes black at greater distance.
4. The ability to detect color is greatly impaired and completely eliminated within 12 feet.
5. Impurities in the water or stained water makes colors less significant, but under these conditions, white will remain the best.
6. In the low light conditions of dawn or dusk, trout can not distinguish color. Black, then, becomes the most visible.
7. In clear water, fluorescent colors are more visible with red, orange and yellow being the most visible. In deeper waters, fluorescent yellow and green stand out the most. However, in stained water fluorescent is useless.

Tips to create and select flies:
Trout will closely examine a slow moving fly like an emerger or nymph, and as we have seen, trout are very sensitive to colors. This is a strong feature in selecting fly dressing such as ribbing. At a greater depth of water, a fluorescent or shiny rib will have a significant effect. On the other hand, insects sometimes carry a bubble which would have high visual impact. Its visibility is not due to color but to a difference in optical density between water and gas. This difference can be imitated by transparent pearly white mylar ribbon.

A dry fly is seen by trout as a footprint in the surface tension and color is not as important as it is with a submerged fly like an emerger. In dry flies, translucent color is much more likely to be visible from below than an opaque mass of color. Therefore, a tightly wound body of a fly will be less effective than a loose winding of feathers or dubbed wool.


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#297185 Cheap centerpin Reel for $35 from Ukraine

Posted by fishfight on 11 December 2013 - 11:24 AM

This was my posting two years ago, everything improve as time move forward. Lots of Centerpin reel on line for around $50-$60, anodized aluminum polish frame with good bearing. Very smooth start up even with this Ukraine reel. which I still used today.


No complicated parts on a Centerpin reel, just used to be made in North America, sold for the elitist, Just like Canada Goose jacket today, was not expensive few years ago, until someone decide to promote it to the Elitist. Baitcaste was used to be just promoted by the pros. then when spinning reel gotten good quality, the pros promoted them as well.  


When the fishing industry can sell a baitcaster or spinning reel(with complicated parts and assembly involved), for $35. China, as most things made today , can for sure sell a centerpin for under $50. 


Rapala centerpin reel is sold around $150, retailers makes at least 50% minimum markup, so chinese manufacturer selling direct to consumer, should not have issue selling for $60 and still make double the profit. Price will continue to drop if more volume, more demand, and more manufacturer compete to make them. 


I bought an anodize aluminum fly reel with bearings and adjustable drag, very similar to a centerpin reel, for $35. comparable to fly reel in $100+ range. Fly real does not normally even need smooth bearings nor drag, but the features were included for a great price. 


I have not check on line in two years, I have a feeling inexpensive centerpin reel with adjustable optional drag will be out there for now at great pricing. It will eventually take over manual one, just like automatic transmission over-taken manual stick shift vehicle. Why make life complicated when we can just turn a switch and the drag kicks in. I would definitely grab a centerpin reel with drag feature, if the price is right. I still do not understand either why the industry promote that we switch our rod to the other hand when baitcasting reel is use?  I am from semi-old school, cannot be influence easily by the norm when things do not make much sense.     

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#285357 Today's hot weather heat up the water good or bad for salmon fishing?

Posted by fishfight on 14 September 2013 - 02:30 PM

I bumped into some anglers fishing Monday when It was quiet and very hot at more than 30 degrees temp, humid around noon, a major warm front with 20+k wind, compared to previous days. He said SALMON FISHING WAS AMAZING, he landed 3 and lost more casting with spoon, since fish were hitting like crazy, hardly anyone on site. 2 days after I shown up with cooler calm windy nights (the day I met him), just right before a thunderstorm and major rainfalls that was about to follow that same night, fish refuse to bite though they were there. I went fishing following the theory that right before a storm front and barometric pressure change. fish normally bites, yet fish were not hitting and they were there surfacing every so often .


All my best nights of Salmon fishing last year was when temp was close to 20's at night and warm front nights. Got skunk 3-4 times after fishing on colder night and 1-2 days after rainfall. I then stop coming 2 days after a rainfall.  Hardly anyone showed up at the bay or pier on warmer nights or if no rain for days and water level was very low, since many assumed they have to wait for rain or colder nights which happened only sporadically, many have miss out one of the best Salmon year of fishing IMO. I remembered water was at times close to 70 degrees, my spoon was so warm to my surprise, I kept telling myself, it does not make sense after 15 years of salmon shore fishing, or am I being lucky in 2012. Last year was the most unique weather pattern change and low water level, contrary to previous year's pattern. I was so confident of the new found weather pattern, that I brought few beginners who never caught or landed a Salmon, and all of them either hooked up and lost or landed as well. Roughly 40+ salmon within my group. No worries of crowds as well. All fish release was my criteria for fishing with me! Have not taken roes in years of fishing. still manage to land enough double digit number of trout using spoon or lures or colored yarn and some homemade scent, fishing during late fall to early spring months. I hardly fish during jan-mid of march.


How amazing was last year's Salmon fishing adventure? I told those beside me to re-tighten the drag just to land the fish sooner, since it only takes few more cast to get another hit when fish were that active, to cut short the enjoyment of the fight, so we can catch more fish. I have to sacrifice casting while holding the net and waiting for my friends to land the fish, to give them proper advice on technique, on when to re-adjust the drag by palming, or when to reel in or let the fish run. 


This year, Water level was highest in years, Everything seemed to be back to normal or delayed compared to last year's trend! I would not just give up the idea of not fishing just because of lack of rain or a warm front. Locals always told me fish were coming in or going out on daily basis. One elderly local also said he even landed a steelehead at end of july last year, to his surprise. Salmon were being landed by end of July last year.  


I have been fishing for these salmon for the past 15 years, way before any report on weather or from other anglers. I have landed on rough windy nights or on glass-like water conditions, 5 degrees cold or 25 degrees humid nights, drizzle or no rain. moon or no moons, lots of anglers or no anglers, NorthSouthEastWest wind of any directions or combo. coarse fishing with roe , marshmellow, yarn, or with spoon, J-13, rattler, dollar store or famous brand,glow or non glow. braid or mono.  All produce fish.

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