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#331869 King of the river

Posted by Fishheads on 30 March 2016 - 04:08 PM

Joel, sorry bud but I have personally assisted with Rainbow Trout stocking programs in the last few years out east, and they will continue into the next few years at least. 


rainbow stocking hasn't be done for a long time out east, its only toronto way that still stocks bows.  a few years ago was the last spawning run for the hatchery fish, everything else is wild population.

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Posted by Fishheads on 29 December 2015 - 09:23 PM

First of all, Mike and I would like to take this time to thank you all for supporting our shop for all your float fishing needs, thank you!


We were overwhelmed by the number of entries; we received hundreds of photos of fish being wet + released and for that on its own you should all consider yourself winners!!! 


Unfortunately we can only pick three winners and it wasn't easy. Although we had many factors to consider (size, species, colours, backdrop, etc.. etc.. etc..) we had to go with 'is the fish clearly being released' as the primary factor in choosing the winner. The contest is named RELEASE SHOT and we want the picture to jump out as a release shot photo.  **we are not saying any of the fish were not released**




Honourable Mentions can be seen on our Facebook album:






1st Place ($131.00+ Prize Pack):

(1) Fishheads Flex Fit Hat ($29.99)

(1) Fishheads "The Classic" T-Shirt ($24.95)

(1) Fishheads "MILFF" T-Shirt ($24.95)

(1) Fishheads Rainbow Roe ($17.95)

(1) Fishheads Salmon Roe ($11.99)

(5) Free Roe Floats - 2 pack ($22.00)






2nd Place ($93.00+ Prize Pack)

(1) Fishheads Flex Fit Hat ($29.99)

(1) Fishheads "The Classic" T-Shirt ($24.95)

(1) Fishheads "MILFF" T-Shirt ($24.95)

(3) Free Roe Floats - 2 pack ($13.20)




3rd Place ($63.00+ Prize Pack)

(1) Fishheads Flex Fit Hat ($29.99)

(1) Fishheads "MILFF" T-Shirt ($24.95)

(2) Free Roe Floats - 2 pack ($8.80)

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#327584 Float fishing lines...

Posted by Fishheads on 20 October 2015 - 01:36 PM

"If someone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated!"

Face to face or over the phone can be far superior to forum text. At no point did I plug our products. In any case, I apologize to everyone for "just spamming"...


Joe, sorry for that, let me add some helpful information. 


How were you fishing the Niagara in the past? What is your current/past set up? (spoons and cast and retrieve on the spin, floating on the spin, bottom bouncing on the spin reel, etc.) What lines are you currently running? Braid? Mono?


There are a variety of options, as everyone runs their own unique set up. Niagara gives you more room to play with varieties than smaller rivers. 


For both scenarios, small and big water, you will want to start your pin with fly line backing. This is a light weight alternative to filling ~half your spool with main line which is heavier and would cost more. Fly line backing does not need to be replaced each time you respool your main line. Choose a colour you like. Backing strength doesn't play much of a factor, as you should never really end up into it when your fighting a fish on your centerpin. 20-30lb strength is average. Attach your backing to your reel using an arbour knot.    100yrds should do the trick.


Now it is time to start getting a bit more specific. Assuming you are fishing the Niagara for Steelhead on the float, I would suggest a 10-12 lb mono main line. You can attach this to your backing line using an albright knot. If you were running just Niagara, I would suggest 12+. Since you will be playing in some smaller water, 10 would be a more versatile line, but you are giving up some strength in that Niagara water. I have fished the Niagara for a few years now, and if those fish get out into some real current, a 10lb line can break you off as quick as those fish run out there(given you will be forced to run a smaller leader on 10lb main line than a 12+).  General rule of thumb is to leave as much space on your spool as there is between the spool edge and backing. Most reels its about ~3mm from the outer edge of your backplate to where your spool attaches. Keep your line this far back a gain from the edge of your spool. (In total you are looking for about ~5-6 mm space left on your spool to the outside of your reel. There are plenty of mainline companies out there, take your pick. Tournament lines are stronger for the diameter of the line, but cost more. Usually about 250 yrds or so. 


On your main line you will want to attach your float. Most guys run slip floats about 15grams. Lots of room to play with size to find a float that supports your shot and presentation that works for you.


Next you will want to run a XS barrel swivel. Attach this with an improved clinch knot to your main line. now on the other side of your swivel attach your leader line with another improved clinch knot. You always want your fluorocarbon leader line to be at minimum 2lbs test shy of your main line. In the event you get snagged up or your under enough pressure of a fish in fast water, your leader line will be what breaks and you will still have your float, and shot that is attached to your main line.  Note that Drennan lines run stronger than they market. I wouldn't have a smaller gap than a 12lb mainline with a 8LB Drennan (as it runs closer to a true 10lb line). a 4lb gap is always a safer gap than a 2lb gap.


You can use as long as a leader as you want. In small water outside the Niagara you would probably want to run approximately a 3-4 ft leader. In the Niagara you can go up to 6-8 feet if the water is really clear (like it gets some days). The shorter the leader the cheaper it is, essentially. The less you will lose on a break off. The shorter is is, the spookier the fish will get. It is a trade off.


Everyone runs different presentations in the Niagara. Roe sacs, skien, beads, minnows, etc etc etc. Options and choices are yours. 


Shot patterns vary in Niagara as well. A lot of guys are scared of attaching shot to leader lines. If you are using a weighted presentation (jig head etc.) You wouldn't have a need to attach shot to your leader. Most guys will bulk shot just above their swivel (on the main line) to get their presentation deep as quick as possible. Some will add smaller shot on the leader when drifting presentations with little to no weight like worms, plastics, and roe sacs. 


I could go on and on but without hearing some answers for you it is hard to dial in and help you specifically. I hope some of this helps and you're gunna love hooking up to your FIRST FISH ON THE PIN !!!!!!!!! Fish on!

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#318888 Fall Fish Porn Contest By Fishheads $480 in Prizes

Posted by Fishheads on 01 November 2014 - 08:31 PM

FALL FISH PORN CONTEST  Ends December 20th
I figured it's time to Shake It Up a bit and run a Photo Contest :D   :D   :D .
New Job has kept me from growing my Movember but I still want to see some MO SHOTS.  I will rate all pictures out of 10 points and Add 2 points to your picture if your Rocken A MO!!!!
I want to see genuine FISH SMILES and will rate a good fish smile higher then a professional looking fish picture with no one in it!!!!  I want everyone to want to post Pictures even if your not the best photo taker!!!!  Please fully understand that ANYBODY CAN WIN!!!! Nice Views Count TOO!!!!
1st Prize:  
              1 x Fishheads Canada Hat Flex Fit of your choice
              1 x Fishheads Canada MILFF Shirt of your choice 
              1 x Fishheads Canada Toque of your choice 
              1 x 10 pack Free Roe Floats of your choice 
              1 x $50 gift card For Fishheads Canada 
              Total value of $150 with shipping included 
2nd Prize: 
              1 x Fishheads Canada Flex Fit Hat of your choice
              1 x Fishheads Canada MILFF Shirt of your choice
              1 x $25 gift card For Fishheads Canada
              Total Value $90 with shipping included 
3rd Prize: 
              1 x Fishheads Canada Flex Fit Hat of your choice
              1 x Fishheads Canada MILFF Shirt of your choice
              Total Value $65 with shipping included
Movember BEST MO:
             1 x Fishheads Canada Hat of your choice
             1 x Fishheads Canada MILFF Shirt of your choice 
             1 x Fishheads Canada Toque of your choice
             Total Value $85
Monthly Prizes For Best Fish Smile :D   :D   :D :
             1 x  Fishheads Canada Hat of your choice
             Total Value $45 with shipping included 
Disclaimer:   Please keep it clean!!!  We all know your going to get ripped into so don't bother posting dirty Fish.   Catch and release only!!!!   Please keep the fish wet, hold it in the water.... lift and take a picture then release.  
Please Have Fun!!!  looking to make this enjoyable and hoping that I get some great shots!!!!  

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#312677 Need roe advice

Posted by Fishheads on 27 July 2014 - 07:09 PM

Best way to get roe off a skein is a perforated Teflon pizza pan.   flip the pan upside down over a lg mixing bowl and rub egg side down.  Had an old friend pass this on to me years ago.  Strip a skein in 10 mins   its the best.     haven't used it since i started the store and cant find my pizza pan to post a picture.  make sure the holes are big enough for the salmon eggs to pop through   

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#307105 2014 Opener! Lets See What You Got!

Posted by Fishheads on 07 May 2014 - 08:12 PM

Great Times With The Boyz





There Will Be A Video At Some Point 

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#301747 Ontario Atlantic Salmon

Posted by Fishheads on 27 February 2014 - 07:06 PM

again a very noble standpoint Christopher,  and I am not arguing that your not right.  shoot after this winter who knows how the river temps will be,  they just might be perfect.  I too enjoy a fantastic selection of brook trout rivers and fully enjoy what they have to offer.   But to remove or push aside a species from that can survive and is flourishing IMO is a bit silly. Sometime you just have to adapt with your surroundings think of all the animals that once fed on Atlantics? they now feed on browns, bows and salmon.  We have filled a void that was created by pollution, change of environment and or over fishing and IMO its the right choice.  I love to tree plant and help clean rivers and fully agree that the more we do the better, but until there is the right environment for the species I feel its a bit of a waste, why put millions in to something that scientifically is almost impossible.  Once we reach the goal and the rivers can resustain the species then sure go ahead and put all the money you can at it.      


Also **** I LOVE STEELHEAD ****  


Again I'm really not against anything you have said and would love to see a wild population of Atlantics,  but I like catching and not just fishing.  so in the mean time lets keep something around and stick to what's working.

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#301011 GoPro - Floatfishing

Posted by Fishheads on 11 February 2014 - 07:50 AM

Great video.  

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#300501 The Ultimate Photo Thread

Posted by Fishheads on 01 February 2014 - 09:55 PM

found this one from the fall salmon run   :razz:



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#297158 Fishheads Canada 24hr Sales

Posted by Fishheads on 10 December 2013 - 07:24 PM

oday's 24 HR Sale Item:


Reg $599.99 Now $519.99 

That's 13% Off + We Offer Free Shipping On Orders Over $300.00


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#296089 Movember Challenge BRING ON THE HERO MO

Posted by Fishheads on 28 November 2013 - 03:13 PM



Went out for a lovely -17 morning on my local tribs.  In between Icebergs and the very heavy slush run I managed to pull out this beauty.   Its been a tough movember for me so I was super stoked to be able to get a nice MO POSE!!!!!  





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#294729 2nd Annual OFF Outing -- NEW DATE NOV 8-10!

Posted by Fishheads on 16 November 2013 - 08:44 PM

Prize Info


So I decided to change things up a little due to the lack of turnout.

I have 6 people that caught fish and submitted photos.  







*-Nado- *

*Forfeited prizes to be spread among the rest*


Everyone contact me for prize pick up info



Everyone Gets Prizes:


-10pk Free Roe Floats-

-Raven 5.6lb Leader line spool-

-25pk Raven Hooks-

 -1 Pack TroutBeads-

-$10.00 Gift Card For Fishheads Canada- 





Here are some of the shots I had sent to me......Enjoy and thanks everyone that did show up, it was a tough fish but I really enjoyed my time on the river.
















Float_On and Redneckchromers Photos posted earlier in thread


Again I would like to thank everyone who showed up and hope maybe next year we can do it all again but with double the turn out.  


Mike @ Fishheads 

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#294329 2nd Annual OFF Outing -- NEW DATE NOV 8-10!

Posted by Fishheads on 13 November 2013 - 06:08 AM

I saw somebody else took a swim too! ;-)

i took two swims....lol

Just wanted to see how waterproof my jacket really was. :oops:  :oops:  :oops:    

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#294076 Fishheads Canada Opener Promo Video 2013

Posted by Fishheads on 11 November 2013 - 07:02 PM

Great Friend of mine from Camodo media.com put together a incredible Fishheads Canada Promo Video for me. 5 mins of hammering Steelhead during opener 2013
Please Check It Out
Mike Hagon @ Fishheads 

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#293899 2nd Annual OFF Outing -- NEW DATE NOV 8-10!

Posted by Fishheads on 09 November 2013 - 08:16 PM

Well today was my day at the OFF Meeting.   We had a great time with the few that turned up.  I got a few shots and so did Nado.  I am sure he will have a picture post after the weekend.  


Fish On

Mike @ Fishheads 








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