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In Topic: Fishing at Milne

15 August 2011 - 11:25 AM

oh nice man..i was at work all day today..or i woulda shown up as well. i went to togood pond last week end. didnt get much time to fish..as it got dark..and i was on a tight sched...so i js scoped it out. but i saw fish splashing around...i think they were carp or catfish. they have signs saying theres largemouth bass there...i wonder hows the bass population.

did u go to milne today?? how was it?

got skunked at milne again, lots of fishing jumping, just none biting haha. I think I need to try a different spot in the reservoir, or learn how to tie a hair rig and go after carp, cause theres definitely tons of carp around the princess street access point.

I'll definitely try Toogood again Freezer, thanks for the advice!

In Topic: Fishing at Milne

12 August 2011 - 11:49 AM

oh dude tht sounds fun...yeah i need to get out fishing!! i just got anew job so im in middle of getting my sched going. but il try milne again....hey maybe we can fish the same day..leme know ive always wanted to get an idea of whats there.

Yeah definitely, I'm heading there this evening probably, hopefully i'll have better luck than last time haha. Have you tried toogood pond? the ponds smaller but it seems to have a lot of fish in it too.

In Topic: Fishing at Milne

09 August 2011 - 06:09 PM

Definitely will do next time, I think I'll give milne another shot too maybe try some corn and go after some carp or catfish.

Just got back from a week camping at the pinery and boy was it fun fishing the old ausable channel. We rented kayaks and fished up the river the water was so clear you could just drop your line it a fish you saw and bang get a hit. Mostly just lots of perch, sunfish and catfish but still plenty of fun, a friend even managed to catch a bass!