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In Topic: Thames river spots

22 October 2012 - 12:07 AM

I live very close to the thames and was wondering if anyone could tell me where to go. I usually fish in the springbank area but I was wondering where else i could go, anyone have a good spot?

There are many, many, Great spots to fish the Thames River within city (London, Ontario). Some of the well known and productive locations within the city are;

The Fork of the Thames, Harris Park area (Near downtown), With both the North Thames River and Thames River combining it acts like and highway interchange and service centre to migrating fishes and is usually productive for a multitude of speices right up till ice up.

Fanshawe Dam, This area offers year round fishing as the lake provides some pretty good ice fishing for Yellow Perch, Walleye, and other Pan Fish. Below the dam offers great fishing until Ice up as well.

Giibons Park is good location for the family as other than a couple of decent holes it has plenty of summer fun with a puplic pool and splash pad and there is a nice forrested section of the Thames Valleye Trail that you hike and fish.

Greenway Park (Terry Fox Parkway), is another great section of river to fish.

The Springbank area of the river is a very productive and scenic. I bet you enjoy your outings fishing that area, I know I usually do. Quite peaceful. It's one of the better sections to flyfish.

As I said the locations listed are well know and regulary fished and there are still many more hot spots that you can discover with a little bit of exploration. But I have found with over thirty years of fishing this river that almost any spot you fish on the Thames River is usually productive.

Hope this was some help, take care and great fishing.

In Topic: Thames River

21 October 2012 - 05:16 PM

I have been told that the Thames River doesn't have a great salmon or trout run but it is close to home so I was wondering if anyone knew where and how to fish for a salmon or trout in the Thames River?

The Salmon run on the Thames River and North Thames River are quite small and the numbers have dropped considerably over that last ten years. The Trout (Mainly Rainbow) runs have increased over the last few years thanks to stocking by various groups.

Delaware is an excellent location for fall rainbow and salmon. it can also be productive in the lower sections of the river down near chatham. Trout and Salmon will run as far as Fanshaw Dam on the North Thames River and up as the Hunts Weir in the City of London.

Fall fishing for White Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, and, Channel Catfish has been very produvtive this year.

Tight Lines and great fishing.