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#301717 Ontario Atlantic Salmon

Posted by Dewy on 26 February 2014 - 11:29 PM

It is unfortunate that the mnr keeps pumping money into a failed alantic salmon project. The tributaries around the gta will never be suitable for reproduction of these summer spawning fish. Lake o tribs are not what they were hundred years ago when natural populations of Atlantic's existed. it is disgusting to see such a waste of money, 

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#265647 tips for a newbie steelheader?

Posted by Dewy on 22 March 2013 - 12:15 AM

Tip number one; patience and perserverance. Steelhead can be quite challenging to catch when you are new, so keep at it. Tip 2 in colder water conditions I typically fish slower deep pools. Fishing a cleo or body bait slowly along the bottom can produce fish, but so can drifting roe, worms, beads, flies etc. etc. When drifting these baits underneath a float it is important to have the float balanced correctly and that you have enough weight that the bait gets down to the strike zone. Using a fluorocarbon leader (the length of leader is proportional to the water clarity), helps increase the natural presentation of the bait. In a couple weeks or perhaps months if the weather keeps it up, steelhead will become more aggressive due to increased water temps. I usually fish larger river systems, so it may take a little longer, but when this happens, fish will be found throughout the river ( in rapids etc) All I can really say is that getting out and learning these things is a part of the fun. When I started out center pinning, I never had anyone show me the correct way to cast, where to fish or with what etc. I learned by observing others, asking questions, and reading up on line.  I am not a veteran at the sport, but can tell you that once you get a fresh fish on the end of your line, hold on. Youll be hooked.

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