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Autumn Steel!

05 October 2015 - 11:41 AM

Well to say that I've had a stellar rainbow season thus far would be an understatement. And it's really just getting started. Lots of fresh fish since mid-September. All catches have been shiny and silver - healthy, hungry, wild fish - no observation of lampreys or lamprey damage. 
The key for me this season has been fresh, UNcured chinook eggs from a tributary to the river I'm fishing. Simply water-hardened, right off the skein eggs. There are days I've been on the river and no one around is catching so much as a cold and I'm hammering fish. 
Enjoy a few of the better pics ladies and gents. Hope to see some of you on the river, and CERTAINLY hope everyone has a great and fishy October!















Early GBay Steel

20 September 2015 - 10:29 AM

Hey everyone,


Well I've been fishing the rivers for the past 3 weeks, hooked a few jacks but I don't generally target salmon. What I'm looking for is early steelhead that make their way into the rivers right alongside the chinooks.

For the past 3 weeks, I've come home with no stories to tell, no pictures, and a horrible skunky aroma clinging to my gear.


Yesterday morning I started at an old faithful spot, that did not produce. Talked to some guys who were saying the salmon seem late this year and we still need some rain. I agreed heartily but assured them there were lots of fish in the river. They balked when I spoke of mid-September trout. "I don't waste my time going for rainbows until at least mid-October".

I told them I believe that mother nature would show me good karma. That for putting in leg work and time on the water while the rest of the steelheaders were at home, I would be rewarded.


I tried two more spots, nothing. It is now noon. I pull up to my last spot of the day and cut through the property I have access to. I put a few drifts through my favourite pool and no dice. I decide to tie on an apricot bead 8mm and underneath it a chartreuse roe bag. This tandem combo is a reliable producer for me.


First drift and the float shoots down. I assumed it was a weed as the river IS still pretty warm and there is lots of growth, but I set the hook and *immediately* felt a powerful tug and then the pin started whizzing. There were a few times I thought for sure it was a small chinook as there weren't alot of headshakes, but several divebomb runs and a few rolls on the surface. No aerial displays.


2 minutes later this sweet sweet beast was at my feet. This beats my previously best "early steel" by 9 days.

I know there will be internet fish warrior defenders of the universe so please note that the bead was originally 2" from the roe bag. It slid up at some point.