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Jumbo Perch found

26 January 2014 - 04:31 PM

Made a trip out to the shoal lakes for a perch hunt with a few good friends ..
the access to the lake is difficult to say the least. You need snow machine or quad to make the adventure onto the lake.

Weather ended up to be super cold with gusting bone freezing winds, 40-60km
probably the coldest trip I've done this year.
Fished 12 fow and was forced to stay put. Way to cold to move around.
It was so cold it froze my buddy's sled but that's a whole different story..

 We actually only fished 2-3 hours. Small jig heads or small jigging spoons tipped with minnows was the ticket. Our flashers were showing tons and tons of perch. But they weren't willing to take the bait. Dead-sticking with the odd line pull up was triggering them to hit . We didn't get numbers but the ones we got were JUMBO'S
14.5" and 14" was the biggest with a few 13.5" and couple 13" , rest 12" and under.


I can't wait to get back and hit that same lake when the weather is more cooperative.


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Jumbo perch

20 January 2014 - 11:01 AM

I hear a bit about perch from time to time. I haven't been perch'n in a few years so I have geared up!


fishing okuma celilo light 28" rods, small jigs and spoons, 4lbs test nanofil. My bait includes meal worms and minnows.


So back on topic. What makes a jumbo perch jumbo to you?


For me, the fact that they get shoulders, you know that bump behind the head. And a certain length weight fish makes them jumbo. I would stand on a ledge and say 12" is the length that makes a perch jumbo.


Anyone else care to chime in?