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#274454 It is better late than never....

Posted by Ray angler on 13 July 2013 - 02:54 PM

Have been busy reading this wonderful forum for almost a year now and did just realize that I never introduced myself... So here it goes....


I am semi retired Telecom exec living in Mississauga.  Moved to Canada in 1980 from the Indian Ocean  island used to be known as Ceylon I wish it stayed that way..

Used to fish in the Indian ocean with my dad and uncles in a fishing trawler they had and every weekend I remember they used to go fishing.  When I moved here with the busy work and family never ventured out fishing until last year in the fall.


Have tried my luck mostly from the shore as my wife never likes to get on a boat or go to any ocean beaches since she lost her entire family in the Tsunami.  So have tried several spots from the shore with some luck catching sunfish mostly.  Have hired a guide up in the Parrysound area and have been out about 10 times and had fun catching lots of LM/SM bass, Pike, Walleye, Black Crappie, Perch, and One Musky.  Since none of us eat lake fish at home everything that gets hooked goes back in the lake for another day to be caught again.  (Well one exception I kept the one LM Bass to show to my kids).


I am trying my best to fish from the shore so my wife will come along.  Hope one day she will change her mind and come on the boat so we can buy one and fish more often in the boat.


Here is a list of tackle I have bought so far and any comments would be appreciated...


1.  Shimano Stradic with G Loomis GL2 854 Rod.

2.  Shimano Core with Shimano Crucial Rod.

3.  Shimano Tekota with a Deep sea fishing rod (which if from my dad I kept for memories)..


Sorry for the long winded post and mainly wanted to say hi to everyone and hope to meet many of you while looking for our fishy friends.... 

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#274445 We need to clean some GTA ponds.

Posted by Ray angler on 13 July 2013 - 11:05 AM

Believe it is the responsibility of the parents whether they work or not... We cant blame others when we deicide to bring children into this world it is our responsibility whether we work don't work have money don't have money it does not matter... I also don't think this has anything to do with young or old it is how they respect anything in life... I think we all have to keep doing the clean up and let them see so the next time when they want to throw something they will remember that someone has to eventually pick it up remember seeing one of us picking it up.... It is not a perfect world out there and feel scared for the future generations...hope they will have more good people with good respect... Please don't stop what you are doing as it will only get worse if all of us stop caring for the environment... May be we as anglers should come up with a clean up day in the fall and ask everyone in Ontario to show up at the places they fish and do a clean up! 

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