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#342638 Anyone wants to fish the niagara river and Port Delhousie?

Posted by RonnieTO on 16 November 2017 - 10:31 PM

What a fantastic day!  Learned a ton from "fishfight", awesome guy that I'm glad I met.  Most knowledgeable angler I've ever met.  I'm new to this game (river fishing), in fact I've never in my life caught trout or salmon before (been targeting bass for the last while).  2nd cast---a 5lb steelhead, which I had for a few seconds and tried to reel it in like a bass---didn't work, it jumped a couple of times and off it went.  6th or 7th cast----a 10+ lb chinook.  Learning from my first mistake, didn't try to force it out.  But also didn't set the hook---at all.  Enough for it to present itself on the surface for a few seconds, and off it went.  All I can say---I'm hooked!   Looking forward to meeting "fishfight" again.

Thanks for giving us the update Corsara, sounds like you had a very interesting day out, had some action with new species of fish to you, found a few lures and found a new friend..... I'd call that a very successful day!
I hope you have many more!
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#249081 People with Disability's

Posted by RonnieTO on 10 November 2012 - 08:12 AM

You know I understand everyone's need to keep their "Hot Spot" to themselves but there are people out there with disability's who cannot go for a hike, climb steep river banks, climb over fallen trees to find a spot that is some what decent that produces a few fish.

It's no fun sitting at home suffering when you could possibly get out for a few hours with a line in the water watching your float going downstream anticipating getting a fish on.... which can certainly take your mind off your physical ailments (and prevents depression creeping in the door)

The Ministry recognizes that there are people out there with disability's who has rights to enjoy fishing too but no-one steps up and says yes you can fish here (where ever) with out going through a Commando training course to put a float in the water, catch something and feel good about yourself.

I suffer from Chronic Pain, was forced to take early retirement (which HUGELY affected my pension) and I have managed to get out a few times & have been quite productive but I have also been out & wondered if I was ever going to make it back to my car because of my lack of knowledge about a certain river & the terrain.

I am also one of these older guys who will take a fold up chair so that I can take a load off when the pain get's a bit much.... it doesn't mean I'm lazy or I have a fishing style that a few people hate.

I'm sure there are more people with disability's out there who can benefit getting out and doing a spot of fishing without impacting your enjoyment of the sport.

Anyway sorry for ranting....

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