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#256548 best all round rod/ reel for steel

Posted by coldhands on 07 January 2013 - 11:02 PM

If one was to purchase a setup for steelhead, what would the best choice be for a beginner? Spey,switch, one hand? Size/wt action? Is the reel more important or as I understand, it's just to hold line, the rod is the priority? The cost seems prohibitive for someone starting out. Does the fish know if I'm holding an Orvis or Sage or Scott with a Tibor reel? I know there are so many variables and differences of opinion but all answers are welcome as I ponder the next evolution as an angler. What would be the journeyman's go to setup that's durable, not necessarily pretty and slick, that stands up to real world abuse and doesn't cost as much as a used car.
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