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In Topic: Always have all your documents because the OPP is doing a blitz on the water.

15 September 2018 - 11:09 PM


In Topic: Buying A Boat - How Effective

19 February 2018 - 09:48 AM

Always remember...boat is never an investment. Don't expect to get more in return for what you paid for.

Boats also lose there value at a much slower rate than other vehicles. I actually made 2k on the last boat I bought, but I bought it in winter, and then sold it a few years later at the height of the fishing season. It was also a pretty desirable manufacturer and motor combo. As for the original question, a 14 foot boat with a reliable 15hp motor will take you a lot of places and catch you a lot of fish. It's hands down better than being stuck on shore, and a much stabler platform than a canoe!

In Topic: Is highway 60 in Algonquin Park that Bad?

19 February 2018 - 09:43 AM

I did a survey on Instagram about the fishing and only 14% of fisherman caught brookies along highway 60, so now I guess I just have to adjust my expectations and turn this into a laker trip. Which honestly is fine because I've never caught one before and I already have a brookie episode on my channel. I also have a chance of catching a bear or moose on my trail am which is awesome. I also want highway 60 because while I'm there I want to create YouTube videos to show what people should expect from a fishing trip there, which would probably get a lot of hits too. I have mapped out already every single photo on YouTube, Ontario out of doors forum, and Instagram with a Algonquin catch, with the location on my google maps.?

Is this what fishing has become? Just one giant Internet search, to make YouTube content? Algonquin is a great place. Pack a car, head out and start hunting around. You'll find fish, and some great scenery. That's what we did when we where kids. No coordinate hunting to be done back then, we made our own coordinates! That was real content creation!

In Topic: Tackle Box: opinions on Plano

04 November 2017 - 10:43 PM

I use waterproof Plano boxes and store them in milk crates. I attach rope handles to either side of the milk crates. At least I used to, for the most part my tackle stays in the lockers on my boat now, but I still use the milk crate system twice a year when I load and unload the boat, or if I fish on a buddies boat.

In Topic: DIY rubber coating for fishing net?

04 November 2017 - 10:39 PM

Spray on truck bedliner available for $10 a can at Canadian tire works well enough to touch up coated nets. I suppose it would work well enough to coat a net if you put enough on.