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#284138 Always killing

Posted by Clab on 09 September 2013 - 06:05 PM

Can't help but feel this is aimed at someone in particular. Uncalled for. Totally.
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#280801 Georgian Bay 5 day Kayak Trip

Posted by Clab on 28 August 2013 - 09:10 PM

Great trip summary, excellant photos. The digital zoom enhancing is more so the cause of the pixelation you see than the case. If the case is scratched or hazed from a solvents where the lense is I could see it causing clarity problems.
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#275583 are salmon within casting distance yet?

Posted by Clab on 28 July 2013 - 10:31 PM

I would like to say that in my urban teen years I had a potato gun, very similar to this. I was told by our fantastic law enforcement that they usually send swat because these are serious "weapons". I was not the one that referred to it as a weapon either. I shot mine at a brick wall, had a neighbor phone them on me. I was warned and aloud to keep my device. The guy even asked to see it and how it worked. Then he just left.
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#275159 Thought I'd share my 2009 musky trip

Posted by Clab on 24 July 2013 - 12:19 PM

Please please please I can't stress this enough. Hold fish how they swim. When fish are in the water they don't feel the forces of gravity that we as humans have become accustomed too. Hold fish like that not supporting the belly and literally the guts of the fish puts TREMENDOUS stress on them. So much so it can permanately harm them.
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#275152 Thought I'd share my 2009 musky trip

Posted by Clab on 24 July 2013 - 11:36 AM

That poor musky
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#264358 New to OFF :)

Posted by Clab on 10 March 2013 - 02:21 AM

Seems to me your a real classy guy to be around, I sure do pray to god, I don't cross rods with you, mine would snap yours in half and ruin your fishing day, probably the same you ruined a beginners...

This is my code, hope you read it all:

Myself and a few others on this forum have a different Fisherman's Code, a code where you help each other learn and become better anglers through the sharing of long held secrets that might and might not include spots depending on the person whether that be teaching a new comer at the pier a better knot or how to set up the drag on a reel right. My code includes getting people young and old involved in the sport any way possible whether that means taking someone to my "honey hole" or sending them a helpful pm. The number of "die hard' fisherpeople has declined, wouldn't you love to see fishing become more popular? My code involves picking up trash that I don't leave. My code has no tolerance to fishing outside of the regulations, my code supports fish stocking and methods to increase the fish population. My code involves helping another angler carry his tackle box back to the parking lot. My code involves answering the little boy/girls question and the age old question of "Catch anything?" truthfully even if it means the person asking the question is going to start coming to the spot. The code I follow respects other anglers by giving other anglers their space and not following them around like a puppy with an issue, giving an angler who snagged his last hook one of mine, or lending another angler some of my live bait. My code isn't about changing your lure to an unproductive one when you see someone coming. My code involves seeing the best in other anglers whether that be seeing an angler I reported keeping illegal fish, fish legally. My code involves teaching people even newer to fishing then me. Sure I might have as much time on the water as some of you guys, but I do my research. I think others appreciate that I follow my code of fishing and not yours. I sure enjoy spending as much time as I can in nature whether that be walking my dog or taking a stroll to the super market and I still enjoy fishing even if I get skunked 10 times in a row, but others might not and just because they don't doesn't mean they can't fish. My code is about being accepting to all anglers no matter their race, fishing ability or determination. Some people may get defeated quicker then others but that just means they should receive more support from us, more experienced anglers. The code I follow is all about supporting one another and the sport that we love, whether that be congatulating a member for building a raft to hold his supplies that might not look professional but gets the job done to an ecstatic young new comer to the forums who posts a photo of a steelhead on a stringer that he will take home for his family to enjoy.

This guy knows what its about! I've helped countless kids at my local pond. From tangled line to knots, even a large gold fish that devoured a tiny long shank hook. Everyone who likes fishing as a sport should be as supportive as possible to eachother. If I even knew how many fish I've netted for other people I wouldn't have enough time to tell you. Like come on man a net is your biggest expense? What about the joy in a new fisher when you help them land their first big smallmouth. Like that to me is a good day.
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