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Residents Advice

13 June 2015 - 06:46 PM

Hey homies,


So this is my first real season on the fly and I'm wondering if you guys could give me some advice on targeting and finding residents since I haven't been having any luck. I've been out before sunrise and fished all day, on the west trib mostly, small streams around it and the like. I try to match the hatch as best as I can; Streamers, Emergers, Dry Flys, Dry droppers, fish the seams, pools ahead and behind riffles, near over hanging ledges, trees, brush, etc., etc.

No luck! So what gives guys? 


21 May 2015 - 09:27 PM

I don't know if anyone else has been to Fish ON-Line recently (i started noticing it a couple weeks ago), but it seems like the boys over there have done a major update. There's now 4 viewing modes; the standard map, and satellite, but now there's also LIO Topographical and LIO Imagery modes as well. Also, in some areas when you zoom in close, it automatically switches over to an HDR aerial photograph of the area (you can check it out from the Toronto Islands eastward), pretty darn neat if you ask me!


Here's some photo's for your enjoyment!


The Toronto Islands

Attached File  Screen shot 2015-05-21 at 9.14.04 PM.png   571.85KB   70 downloads


A popular GTA Lake old and new for comparisson

Attached File  Screen shot 2015-05-21 at 9.21.26 PM.png   571.1KB   60 downloadsAttached File  Screen shot 2015-05-21 at 9.21.38 PM.png   457.28KB   64 downloads


The boat launch at a favourite lake of mine

Attached File  Screen shot 2015-05-21 at 8.44.40 PM.png   342.7KB   58 downloads


How cool is this?!?! Any body else geeking out over this???? Go check it out!


PS: this is a FO-L thing only, google maps is still useless.

Pike In Scugog

16 May 2015 - 08:41 PM

Hey Guy's


Looks like I'm heading to Scugog on tuesday to take my buddy fishing for the first time and I'm wondering if there are any Pike in there? I know there's Musky, Bass, Walleye, and some other species, but obviously musky and bass are OOS so I don't wanna poach.

Need some suggestions

06 May 2015 - 04:51 PM

Hey all,


I have a buddy who wants to go fishing with me over in Pickering in a couple weeks. He doesn't really fish and I live in Mississauga, so neither of us know anywhere to catch pike over that way. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of spots we could hit, by all means if you don't feel comfortable posting locations on the thread (I know it's frowned upon) then I'd be happy to chat via PM. I know Rice is out that way, but I don't have musky gear and I don't know if he'll wanna travel quite that far. Is Frenchman's or another bay/river like Rouge or Duffin worth hitting or should we head to a lake or something?


Normally I would check Fish ON-Line, but there's nothing listed around Pickering on it, so I'm totally in the dark here. Also, we don't have a boat, so it'll be shore fishing. 


Literally any help would be amazing and much appreciated.

2015 Run

04 April 2015 - 10:52 AM

Hey guys, been a few months since I've been on here!


Wondering if anyone has any idea's of when the run starts this year? I know the season for the Trib I'm looking to fish starts in a couple weeks, but I dont know if that coincides with the run ooooor?

Fill me in boys, I'd love some more info to join the fun!