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Transporting kayaks in trucks?

03 August 2018 - 11:32 AM

Hi all,

"Kind" of new to kayak fishing - I say kind of as I've been hauling a variety of smaller yaks, canoes and my former bass raider for a few years now but am getting more into kayak fishing than any of the previous.

Formerly I've just thrown things in the back and strapped the love out of them. Never had an issue so far. Now that I have a bit nicer kayak I'm wondering if anyone would recommend NOT doing that. I'm looking at a couple rack options for the truck bed but I figure why even bother getting them if I won't cause any harm to my yak just strapping it on an angle with the tailgate up.

12 foot kayak and my RAM only has the short 5'7 truck bed. So on an angle I have about 5 feet hanging over the tailgate.