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Getting back into Fishing after a loooooong break.

19 April 2013 - 09:59 PM

Hi Guys and Gals.


This is my First post on this forum, so I'll let you know a few things about me here.


Name is Graham, and I spent half my life on the river banks back home in the UK when I was growing up, and also the best part of my adult life as well LOL :D.

I have not fished at all since I arrived in Canada about ten years ago, and after that very Loooong break, im about ready to wet a line again and just got some rods and tackle for me and my daughter.


Don't really know anything about fishing in Ontario, but I'm thinking about having the first few outings in search of a few nice sized Carp as that was one of the main species I fished for back home.

I'm living in North York and was wondering if there are any carp in this area, would also like to have a couple of days at Wilcox lake as that looks to be fairly close to me, are there any carp in this place?.


Anyway, better end it here, as I don't want to pee you all off by asking to much, but its nice meeting you all, and hope to see some of you on the bank some day for a chat and a mug of tea :).