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#289842 # 2

Posted by Mr. Bassturd on 07 October 2013 - 01:21 AM

alrighty I took some of the advice mentioned here and attempted number 3 I know I'm getting carried away here but i'm having fun and no worrys my bird still has all his feathers :mrgreen:  I started off with a wooly worm in mind but got sidetracked as usual and the feather ended up on top instead of wrapping it back towards the front. I also stuck with the same colour scheme..




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#289671 first fly that I'm proud of

Posted by Mr. Bassturd on 06 October 2013 - 12:18 AM

after reading about another member using his dogs fur to tie some flies I have been eyeing my birds feathers he keeps dropping and decided to use one today to tie what I think is my first halfway kinda legitimate fly what do you guys think yay or nay... I was making this with bass in mind hence the large size, and keep in mind I am look for something to use for eyes still...







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#287419 Bass vs Others

Posted by Mr. Bassturd on 24 September 2013 - 11:27 AM

I just had another thought we could call the section "the classics" and include bass,walleye,pike and muskie instead of having different sections for all of them.

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#287401 Bass vs Others

Posted by Mr. Bassturd on 24 September 2013 - 10:15 AM

u have my vote for a bass section, And I have also noticed this vibe around here seems to be a lot of trout and salmon fisherman maybe its because tis the season. 

As far as bass not fighting that is strait bull they may not be 30 lb and be able to take lots of line but if u use appropriate tackle they fight like a mofo and they are also known for there acrobatics true we don`t get the huge ones like ``down south`` cuz there growing season is cut short by winter but some of the best fights I have had have been bass and for me it is a species near and dear to my heart...

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#285097 OFF Trend

Posted by Mr. Bassturd on 13 September 2013 - 10:30 AM

spot on ww Just because people ask about something does not mean that you have to answer Like the cops say before they arrest someone you have the right to remain silent...  ok maybe a bad example but I think u guys get my drift(lol) 

as for the newbies looking for salmon info I see some people who mostly show up on here during salmon season asking questions that if they took the time to read through some posts they would answer these questions as there are some great threads on here with most of the info u need to know. I would just like to say thank you to those who took the time to give tips on pier fishing for salmon as I took the time to read them.

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#282434 New to the forum

Posted by Mr. Bassturd on 03 September 2013 - 01:32 AM

lol@ noob and remy welcome and what a great sounding job

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#281306 Salmon in the rivers yet.

Posted by Mr. Bassturd on 29 August 2013 - 08:37 PM

lmao Thats about a ignant as it gets. You should fish bass tournaments with all that valuable knowledge you have. Guiga, as for your question; since these fish are migrating it would make the most sense to fish areas closer to the mouth after a good rain, as the water levels drop you can either fish higher up in a system for fish that have already migrated from the previous run, or you can fish at the piers for staging fish that will be running after the next rise in water levels. Of course this is a general rule and can be vary slightly depending on the time of year. The fish that are running now are headed as far upstream to cooler water as possible and wont hold in the lower sections as much as they will be come autumn when we get cooler, more favourable water temps. Best thing you can do is keep fishing your home waters, get to know them intimately, keep a close eye on the weather and river conditions and it will all come together for you. These fish are no where near as ILLUSIVE or difficult to catch as some believe they are, with practice you'll get the hang of it. And there's nothing wrong with asking for help, don't let others discourage you.


Goodluck buddy

thank you very good post and just gos to show u that it is possible to answer a question without giving to much info or being rude about it

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#281212 Salmon in the rivers yet.

Posted by Mr. Bassturd on 29 August 2013 - 03:29 PM

so u don't have to blast the guy this is why people think salmonid fishers have such big egos ..  I see posts on here all the time of people with 4posts asking where the salmon are I get it .  even asking for bass spots I only give info I wanna give cuz just because u use the exact same setup and go to the same spot doesn't you will hav the same luck as me.  and just remember we all have to start somewhere, some people work with what they got, to some it is also about being minimalistic when it comes to fishing like me I use light/medium tackle and 6lb line half the time for bass.


P.S u leave the bass alone i'll leave the picky a$$ trout alone :D

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#277037 some pics from the grand

Posted by Mr. Bassturd on 09 August 2013 - 10:52 PM

id rather not say exactly because of the forum rules I already named the river which I figured was kinda ok since im not talking anything about steelheads or salmon but that is as far as I will go.  Im sure you will understand.

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#269469 What is your most successfull rig for Bass and other fish.

Posted by Mr. Bassturd on 30 April 2013 - 10:19 AM

Well, I think that the rig will depend on the presentation you want for the fish, and how you are fishing. What is the structure on the bottom of the lake? They can all make a difference in the choice(s) you make. A carolina rig typically drags very slowly on the bottom, with the worm trailing above the bottom. They are typically not as weedless as Texas rigs, but the worm itself can be Texas rigged behind the Carolina rig to make it more weedless. Texas rigging is good for very weedy lakes because of how weedless the rig is. It is also better than the Carolina rig for presenting right infront of finnicky fish and just leaving the bait there until the fish takes it. The drop shot is a great vertical presentation rig. It is typically a relatively stationary presentation (ie - deadsticking, letting the worm do the work) and is good at maintaining the bait at a specific height. So, if the fish are finnicky and suspended, this can be a killer. It is good to know the different uses and applications of all the rigs.

LOL - in the end, I just gave the standard "It depends..." response... lol


It really does depend however ive always found that largies are either looking for something down low near the bottom with a slower presentation twitching your bait occasionally as well the falling action of the bait is important.  for this i really like the 5 " or 6" plastic worms texas rigged in natural colours like watermellon pumpkin seed and even black with red speckles have worked there is a few different brands all of them work well. soft plastics of all kind will also work colour presentation and locating the fish are the most important IMO and stay away from bright colours.  So then theres the times they want action and for this i prefer topwater baits such as hoola poppers or floating frogs and spinners in bright colours usually silver yellow and green, and they love the weeds more than bob marley :cool: 


for smallies look for rocks gravel and sand  soft plastics are great same as above for action mepps and small spoons work great as well as the good old real worm with a float or just one or 2 split shots 6 to 12 inches from the hook and cast and retrieve and for this method u could also use that dropshot rig probably the most idealistic situation to use it especially if there is a strong current or winds that way ur bait gets to the bottom but if it is calm just use the split shots and remember the initial fall of the bait is important so dont start reeling right away light it sit for a sec then twitch it and bring it in then let it fall.

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