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#274238 Greetings from Northumberland County

Posted by DavidASmith57 on 09 July 2013 - 06:03 PM

Img_1675.jpg Greetings from Northumberland County!


My name is Dave Smith and I live (figuratively) in the shadow of the Big Apple in Colborne, Ontario.

I've fished since I was a young lad and have fished my way across Canada during the course of my life for many species. Consider myself a lifelong learner and always willing to learn from others and try new things. It's my pleasure to get to know some of you as we share the same passion.


My wife and I have nine children (one marriage, one baby at a time, etc.) and even though most of my kids have left home, they still go fishing with me when we are together, so I figure I have done something right.

Most of the girls as well as the boys can bait their own worm, land, clean, and cook their own fish so I seem to have passed this love of the sport on well (for the most part).


I posted a couple pics on an album entitled "A Few of my Favorite Fishing Memories" and my more extensive profile is at: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/davidasmith57


May your line fall on gentle places!



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