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an other crazy video

30 September 2013 - 08:18 PM

interesting way to save on hooks




Crazy video

30 September 2013 - 06:02 PM

just seen this crazy video and thought id pass it on to you all.


scroll down to catching two fish.. on this page http://www.likeaboss...ts/index/page:2


for what ever reason the direct link didnt work

why we wear wadders

25 September 2013 - 03:47 PM



20 September 2013 - 06:17 PM

to rescue your favorite lure???


HEs my story... so i'm fishing in this cramped area with a lot of over hanging trees. There is just enough room to cast right between the branches which i've done 20-30 cast already.  Just as i cast.... a gust of wind blows  me right into the tree. Pull hoping its not snagged and of course it is.  so there i am with my fav lurer hanging in a tree.. just 15 ft off shore about 10 in the air.  sitting there mocking me. At first i didn't think about going in to retrieve it. i just retied and went on, but i knew theres not a store around that sells these things (i've looked for them in many a store). i have my water shoes on and shorts so i figure ill go in. 


First attempt at going in to retrieve the lure.i empty my pockets of every thing so it doesn't get wet just incase i slip (i've learnt from past mistakes). i get in .. the water is just below the knee... two steps toward the over hanging branch and well... its a lot deeper than i thought. but not too deep. but its deep enough that i know my pants are gonna get soaked. Not worth it so i get out of the water. Look around and start thinking hmm.. nobody around its unlikely that ill see anyone in this area sooooooo..... 


second attempt... i take off my shorts (thank god i wore undies that day) and i go back in. start walking closer to the branch that has my fav lure in it.  i get to the branch  the water is about waist deep. i reach up for the branch i can barely reach it.. and i start pulling down on it. i pull it about as far down as i can pull it and the lure is still just out of reach... like inches away. so here i am in the water no shorts on pulling on a tree and it just out of reach so i did this all for nothing. i'm like GRRRR. So i figured i went this far i'm getting it back no matter what. so i pull harder and i'm more less climbing the tree branch from the water. Its a pretty thick branch in no danger of breaking. In doing so i'm half lifting my self out of the water the water is about knee level my feet are off the bottom off the river bed im kinda just hanging there half in the water. I manage to touch the lure and i'm starting to untangle it, when i hear a ladies voice behind me. "DO you need help?"  OMG how embarrassing!


Anyway i got my lure back, met a new friend and can laugh about it now. I'm just wondering how far others have gone to retrieve a lure, or if i'm the only fool to do something crazy to get it back?? please share any stories you have so i don't feel like an idiot.



Uncle steve good or bad?

16 September 2013 - 01:23 PM

I just spent about an hour watching uncle steve videos on you tube. He seems to do a lot of ""experiments"" and is generally amusing. (to me anyways)  I'M just wondering what the general feeling about him is. Entertaining , informative or a waste of time (guess ill  never get that hour back). Heres a few links for members that don't know who i'm talking about. apologies to anyone who gets HOOKED in advanced.


http://www.youtube.c...VIY22_VlQ#t=786   <<-- Berkley gulp! maggots


http://www.youtube.c...h?v=Zr7Hdop8v7o     <<-- yellow bullhead


http://www.youtube.c...&view=0&sort=dd     <<--his main page (dudes made almost 1000 of these)