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In Topic: No luck in local waters - what's wrong?

09 August 2013 - 06:01 PM

Thanks for the responses.  I tried another reservoir in my area last night and was finally able to pull in some fish.  Four panfish and a little perch - nothing like the bass fishing up north but it's sure nice being able to catch something 10 minutes away from home!


Guiga10 I'll definitely try focussing on one rig and species, seems like a good idea.  Thanks for the carp suggestions too.



what size spinners did you use? try live worm on hook (not jig) on fluoro leader. #0 - #2 spinners will work better. what's your line test? 2lb - 6lb on small ponds like this is ideal. anything bigger than that will cause your spinners not to spin.


The spinner I got was from Bass Pro and is 1/8 oz.  It doesn't say any other size info on the package, but it isn't a big as most of the ones I've seen.  My rod is a spinner rig with 30lb Power Pro braid (equivalent to 8lb mono).  In retrospect I know that line is way overkill for what I'm fishing, but it is what the sales guy recommended so I bought it.  You think it could be messing with my spinners?

In Topic: Mill pond in richmondhill

09 August 2013 - 05:40 PM

if you check the map. there's another pond south. rumble pond. the bass i've caught at mill are small. if you can catch a 1lb bass at mill pond, that is big already. Much more bass at rumble and if you're lucky, there are some hammerhandles in there. I know, i've caught quite a few last year.


I went to scope out Rumble Pond earlier this week.  It seems to be undergoing some sort of rebuilding / "rehabilitation" right now, meaning that it has been fenced off, almost entirely drained, and there is heavy equipment in there digging it out.  I guess it might make for a better pond in the future, but I don't think it will be a fishing option again for some time.  Sorry to deliver the bad news.


I was also fishing in Mill Pond and the smaller pond north of it on Tuesday and I couldn't get any bites.  I did see at least 3 other people fishing in the main pond, also not catching anything.  I spotted what looked like a really huge goldfish feeding near the surface of the north pond, which is consistant with fish I've seen (but not been able to catch) in local reservoirs nearby.  They're apparently invasive, which may be having an effect on local native fish populations.