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#323879 Tight quarters

Posted by JrFloatnFly on 07 May 2015 - 09:14 PM

Awesome thread!






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#312444 Streamers for small-stream browns

Posted by JrFloatnFly on 23 July 2014 - 02:19 PM

I use large streamers (2-4 inches) in areas with little fishing pressure with high success often.  I jerk them very fast across pools and logjams for large aggressive fish, covering as much water as possible.  Sometimes you have to go deeper, although they often will come up for it.  Large browns in most rivers feed on minnows, chub, sculpins,etc.  In highly pressured streams(fergus), fish are moody and spooky and often will feed more on nymphs instead.  Generally the larger fish are smart and take a lot more skill at catching.  Streamers can work in these areas although you may have to find that perfect retrieve and fly to get a response.  The length of leader all depends on the river,  larger and deeper will need a longer leader opposed to smaller streams where you will need shortened casts.  

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#306472 2014 Opener! Lets See What You Got!

Posted by JrFloatnFly on 29 April 2014 - 07:30 PM

Wish I had gotten out more opening weekend, had to stay within the GTA but still caught some decent fish! Worked on opening day at 9 but I stopped at a nice pool earlier to see if any residents were around.  Caught a  nice browny, possibly an Atlantic?



 Arrived on another river sunday afternoon that had been pounded and still lots of fishermen were around.   I had no luck at first and it seemed like nobody was catching anything.   Decided to walk as far downstream as possible and change my tactics away from drifting roe, beads and eggs and throw some hardware.  Once i got away from people I got to a decent pool and caught a decent steely.  After that I walked further down were i discovered a large amount of steelhead pushing upriver in a nice long shallow run. (Not Spawning fish)  These fish were really aggressive towards my spinner and I caught 4 and lost 2 in about an hour.  I eventually broke off on a fish losing my original spinner.  I tried another spinner but it seemed as if they could not care at all about this one and all the other spinners I had.  I tried just about everything I had from roe, streamers, plugs, etc but they had no interest at all! Pretty Interesting i found haha wish i had another one of my original spinners lol  Heres a couple freshies 



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