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Best value steelhead setup

26 November 2014 - 11:34 PM

Never targeted steelhead on the fly, strongest rod i have is a 5 wt for browns which is obviously underpowered.  Looking for a single handed or switch rod 6-7 wt 10-11 ft.  Looking for a used setup possibly or anything that will be within the price of 300$ hopefully.  I was looking at a Cabela's TLr Fly Rod 6wt 11ft switch rod for 149.99, seemed like a good deal.  Any advice?

Overcoming the Struggle of Nymphing

06 August 2014 - 09:41 PM

      I generally avoid nymphing mainly due to frustration,lack of interest and the belief it only yields small fish. Normally last year i would just swing nymphs for small aggressive fish that would not strike drys.  Dead drifting a nymph seemed like the most boring and unproductive way of fly fishing personally. Recently this year through greater research, understanding and experience, I have truly realized how effective this method can be in certain situations.  My last few trips have revolved solely on dead drifting and czech nymphing methods.  I have personally stayed away from using an indicator as i feel it is generally not needed on many smaller and faster rivers where streamer fishing is difficult. The other day i went to a well known area that consists largely of of fast runs and ripples.



 I put on a size 12 beadhead hares ear and hike to my desired section of water.   I begin casting and plonking my fly into every pocket, run and pool i find, catching a few small aggressive atlantics and browns.  I get to faster deep rifle where i lift my rod thinking i have the bottom, then observe few flashes and a couple strong headshakes before it pulled out.  That was my first experience hooking a large fish on a nymph,  my confidence at this point had grew tremendously and i felt as if there was a giant trout about to attack it on every cast.  I eventually get to a large classic deep run where i cast my nymph to the top. Holding my rod high to keep the line off the water, the nymph sinks deep and drifts gently until i set the hook to a powerful energetic fish.  I chase the fish downstream until i am able to control  and land it.  




That was the nicest of the day, along with many 5-8" little guys aswell.  Do you guys generally nymph more often than using a streamer or dry?  Any particular setup or advice you recommend?  Any favourite nymphs? I myself have kept it simple using patterns such as pheasant tail, hares ear, copper john, prince, etc  in sizes 12-16, and smaller sizes in the grand.