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Spring Fed Northern Lakes; Need Guidance

19 July 2014 - 11:52 AM

Good Day All;


Saugeen Drifter here;


I have a question: When fishing a deep water spring fed lake for Walleye, what is the trick to getting them on the bite during the day?


The situation:

Clear water tea stained lake

Forage base is Perch/ Cisco, flathead minnows, rock bass

Preditors are Pike (very scarce) Smallmouth (Very scarce), Walleye

Deep water lake to 120 FOW in the middle with obvious springs in the base, 5 miles long, 2 miles wide, no sunken islands, just a big bowl shape, on the slopes of the hole from 55-85 FOW marking fish steady.

Marking 20 feet of bait and fish in 60-80 FOW on the bottom but can not turn them on, mark random fish holding on small suspended bait schools in the 20-30 FOW range over the deeper water.

Fish are taken from this lake every evening from 6pm till midnight-ish then shut down till 5 am and are taken till 9 am-ish when fishing from 10-40 FOW trolling rattling cranks or shallow divers.


I harvested fish in the evenings fishing in the 20-40 FOW and at night in the 10 FOW range, we fished for 20 hrs total over a 1 week period and caught 13 walleye, 5 smallmouth, no pike and hundreds of rock bass.

I attempted to troll deep divers (20-30 foot divers) during the day over 40-60 FOW, trolled worm harnesses tipped with worms/leeches off of dipsey divers set at many depths ranging from 20-50 FOW over 60-100 FOW, trolled body cranks behind the dipseys in the 20-50 FOW range over 60-100 FOW. Drifted with jigs / threeways / bottom bouncer rigs tipped with leeches/worms thru the middle of them. Anchored overtop of them and attempted jig fishing / three ways off the bottom with live baits. I could not turn a single Eye during the day. Any pointers?

Good Day All

19 July 2014 - 10:49 AM

New to the site; Saugeen Drifter is my alias;  thought I'd say hi. FIsh Lake Huron Canadian side extensively from Goderich to Oliphant, fish the outflows frequently, fish the Chantry Chinook, Owen Sound Spectacular every year, Kincardine spring and Salmon hunt periodically. Have and still search northern Ontario waters for any great fishing opportunities. Fish 150-200 days per year.