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#316176 Creek Talk

Posted by rybak on 20 September 2014 - 09:59 PM

I hit a few places today and the last one on Bronte had one female gutted and de-eyed! F'n hell it looked disgusting. Honestly, what the hell is wrong with people!

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#313328 ***Early August Salmon Run Confirmed***

Posted by rybak on 07 August 2014 - 09:51 AM

how do you charge your spoons? We were messing around with flashlights last night and it sucked. I am going to go buy one of those rapala glow boxes I think

I have just tested three glow lures: blue-white Little Cleo, green-white Gibbs and red-white 'More Silda'. I was test charging them with a regular LED headlamp. 9 led lights running off of 3 AAA batteries.


I did a test for maximum glow and glow retention. Each time, lure received a bit over 5 seconds of light.


Little cleo had brightest initial shine, followed by MoreSilda and then GIbbs. MoreSilda looked the most natural whereas Little Cleo looked like a radioactive fish. Gibbs lure was dim, but it was good enough. All lures were visible in pitch dark from 40 feet. Little Cleo was probably visible from the other side of the street :)


Now, glow retention -

Gibbs lost glow the fastest. At around 3 minutes it was visible, but just barely. Little Cleo lost glow second fastest as it began at the highest peak initial glow, although it was still visible after 7 minutes. MoreSilda retained the some glow the longest and seemed rate of loss was more-less constant.


Verdict, in murky water I will probably go with Cleo or MoreSilda. In clear water, any three will do. No idea if it helps, but that's my anecdotal evidence :)

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