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Fly Fishing lake O. trib

08 August 2017 - 11:26 PM

Where: One of the Lake O. tribs, about 3 km away from the lake, on west side.


What: Browns and Rainbows


Rig: Dry, size 14, 16 sulphur duns and parachutes. Olive and and beige colors seemed to do a lot of work.


On: 5wt , Cabela's Lsi 8.6





 I am waiting on Redington to respond to a broken rod warranty claim and as that holding me up, I pulled the trigger on a Cabela's Lsi rod last week when they

dropped it as a sale from 219 to 139. Got the rod today and took it out for a spin.


Started with dry mosquito, black fly patterns without much luck.

Tried Elk Caddis and some blue duns, but also without much luck.


Then put on a suplhur dun s14 and started to get hits. The tiny bows and the occasional chubs were going after it, but the bites were missed or short by a large margin.

I tied on a s16 parachute dun and the hookup % spiked. I could easily get a bite and hookup every 2 or 3 casts.


Fish in flatter water runs would take the files as it drifted down, but not so in more rapid wavy water. To trigger bites on wavy water, I would high stick up with only the leader

on the water and hop the fly slowly up the stream. It drove them nuts.


The bigger fish would hit flies on landing and on down drift. These fish would usually be right at the head of a larger deeper pool. Any deeper water behind rocks or

downstream of a drop would produce fish. Altogether, it was a great number of fish and awesome fun.


These tribs are not always this good and I bet that stocking by MNR helps a lot. No pictures to post yet, but will post some once I go back soon.