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Sanctuary fishing.

25 March 2018 - 01:48 PM

Just ran in to a guy fly fishing with live bait (dew worms) ........., it gets better. I had my daughter with me so I tried to be as polite as possible. I was up on a bridge looking down at him and his female companion . I told him he is not allowed to fish and he says since when. At this point I'm trying so hard not to flip my lid in front of my kid , so I respond nicely since mid August. He just looks and says , I did not know that. I told him to look up the Regs and that they are accessible on the net. At this point I'm thinking wow can't believe this guy, is he pulling my leg, how the hell. And this is the part that really freaked me out. While he was packing his crap to leave I walk back  lean over the rail and ask him what species he was fishing for. He looks up and says BASS. OMG , guy read the regs I yell at him. All the way home I was thinking , is this guy toying with me or is he for real. My 13 year old thanked me for being somewhat nice for educating him, but deep in side I think I was played. I'm never going to know, sorry for the rant.