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Trip to Kuujjuaq Quebec

31 July 2017 - 03:19 PM

Some of you know that I used to work in a remote northern community of Kuujjuaq Quebec before coming back to Ottawa. 


I worked so much and never got a chance to fish too much. So we decided to take a fishing trip back up north. 


Due to work we were only were able to go Thursday - Sunday. Full fare flight is about 3000+ so Aeroplan points FTW. 




If you need a reference where Kuujjuaq is, its one of the 14 communities that border norther Quebec, the Hudson and Ungava Coast line. Kuujjuaq is roughly 3000 people and is the main hub for the northern towns. 


We arrived Thrusday afternoon and the weather was great about 25degrees but was quickly dropping. The Chief of Police hooked us up with a vehicle for the weekend and a place to stay. 


Our plan was to hit the Koksoak river (which flows into Ungava Bay) on Friday and then a charter plane to a remote lake for Trout. 


Koksoak river holds Atlantic Salmon, Arctic Char, Brooke, Rainbow and Sea Run Trout. 


We hit the local grocery store, the New'viq'vi for some supplies.. Good thing I didnt have a craving for pop corn. I totally forgot how absurd the cost of some food is. 




After getting all the permits we needed we went to bed early... 12AM after meeting with old friends. 


At 0500 we made our way to the marina where we met up with Sammy an old co-worker of mine. He offered to take us out on the river. 


The key to a successful river outing is hitting the good spots on low tide as once it goes up (12-15ft) the spots dont produce anymore.  


Luc captured this artistic shot of me getting my stuff ready. 




Sammy prepped his 200HP boat. Gas would end up costing us about 300$ for the day of fishing. 


We went down river about 50KM just shy of Ungava Bay. We passed a gas tanker that was delivering gas to the village. Note the No Smoking sign on the top. 





People have shacks / cabins along the river. Take note of the water line... Yes thats the water line. the tide is huge





We finally got in place and I started off with a fly rod and a sink tip and articualted flies. The currents were so strong and the wind was so bad all I ended up getting was a small "ugly fish" as the locals call it. AKA a type of sculpin. 



Flooding in the National Capital Area

07 May 2017 - 08:07 PM

Flooding in the Ottawa / Gatineau Area... 


Today my waders came into use for another reason than just fishing..


My Wife and Kids made food for all the volunteers and a couple of us from work and friends helped fill sand bags and distribute / place them. This is the Gatineau River that runs into the Ottawa River..