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In Topic: Couple of questions about floating on a pin from a newbie

07 April 2018 - 08:23 PM

I feel like a newbie lately, skunked my last two outings, steelheading does that. Timing and location are huge, you could be doing everything right but if the fish are not where you’re casting, it’s going be tough. For example, in some crowded pools even a few feet can make the difference between getting you’re presentation in the strike zone or not. if one of your buddies is hooking fish on the tail-out for example see if they’ll trade spots for a bit. Good luck, keep plugging away, you’ll get em.
Tight lines,

In Topic: Ah Ice Shelves

18 December 2017 - 07:55 PM

Hey guys, 


Nice to see some activity on the forum and glad you guys are catching some fish.


DILLIGAF you bring up an interesting point regarding harvesting that's had me thinking for quite some time...should harvesting of steelhead be allowed AT ALL? If so, how many, should it be restricted to certain parts of the river, or size classes, or times of year?


First, I must admit I'm guilty of harvesting my limit (when I can) usually if I'm fishing my favourite Northern trib which is most often the case.


Some guys I talk to say they only keep fish from the mouth and not up river where I fish.


I often feel guilty about it as though I'm doing the fishery harm and robbing the other anglers of the opportunity to catch fish.  


But does harvesting 2 fish really harm the system? Is there such thing as a sustainable harvest or a harvest which may actually benefit the fishery?


I try to give back to the river but I would love to learn more about specific organizations especially those stocking GB tribs as a way to further contribute and give back.


Also FYI for those who may be interested, my understanding is zone 16 is holding consultations till Dec. 21, 2017 and you may provide your submission to FMZ16@ontario.ca.