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humber ladder closed early and opened late

28 September 2016 - 10:38 AM

So last year during the starting of the steelhead run. I noticed the humber river raymore ladder was closed. It was only november 2nd. Apparently its closed due to freezing and opened/closed by a private company. I was informed by a local guide that it was only after april 15 2 weeks before opener. So fall and winter run steelhead cannot get a good postion in river to get on the redds asap when temps are optimium. Temps were not close to freezing and the run had just started. The entire fall/winter/early spring run was stuck in fishable water. So the closed season did not help at all. Right now i am contacting the mrn to voice my concerns. I hope to hear peoples thoughts on this and if i am wrong about exact dates or who runs the ladder i am sorry

P.S Sorry for my spelling and grammer! Have a new mobile and not getting auto correct.