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In Topic: Zone 16 Regulations - Thames River is a fish sanctuary Mar 15 - 2nd sat in May?

22 March 2019 - 12:21 PM

I called and clarified with the Aylmer Office, I spoke to one of the guys that helps make the decisions for the regulations and he clarified with others and the CO's. The fish sanctuary only applies to the Thames river between the dam at the Gordon Pittock Reservoir and the bridge at Highway 59. He said the wording was definitely not clear and was incorrect. We can still fish the Main Thames as usual for species that are in season.




Now I'm going to go try for some catfish tonight :)

In Topic: Zone 16 Regulations - Thames River is a fish sanctuary Mar 15 - 2nd sat in May?

21 March 2019 - 08:30 AM

It says "no fishing - see waterbody exceptions for details," not just "no fishing." The only exception is for browns and rainbows in the north branch. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything, thanks for your help.


This is the first year the rest of the waterbody is a fish sanctuary which is nuts, it's a huge river, over 200km long. Hundreds of people fish for carp, sucker, catfish etc. So now no one can go fishing on the main Thames from March 15 - Second Saturday in May on this huge river with very diverse species... That's a LONG time to not be able to fish. They must have had problems with people poaching walleye or something.

In Topic: Salmon

29 August 2018 - 06:06 AM

LMAO... there is no joke with this. I was drifting big dew worms for kings on the weekend. The little creek chubs were destroying the worms before they got to the salmon. This was pissing me off cuz I only had so many worms. So I caught a creek chub and got mad... left it on the hook and threw it back out at the top of the pool. Immediately a big king hammered the chub and snapped my line. Completely caught me off guard.


I put on a tiny piece of worm and was now targeting creek chub. I caught another one, cut my line and put a large bass hook on. I then put the creek chub on the bass hook. I moved the bobber towards the hook to keep the creek chub off of the bottom of the river. Threw the creek chub back out now on the bass hook with a float. The kings were crushing the creek chubs. landed 3 monster kings using creek chubs for bait.


So what I was saying is if you catch a creek chub, use it for bait. I got vids from the weekend of 30lb+ kings killing creek chubs lol.


I could see this 100%, especially with fresh salmon in the river. I applaud you for thinking outside the box and trying something new, that's what it takes sometimes! I'm looking forward to more of your videos and hopefully I'll get a chance to fish with you again. Need to upgrade my 'yak though eventually ...